sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.


Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Each lifetime is a journey in self healing and the world is a mirror of the healing that each one of you has come to accomplish. The world does not need to be healed as much as it needs to experience your healing. Then it experiences the higher vibrations and moves into its healed potential. Each person in your life is a mirror of your own healing. Those you believe come to you for healing are a mirror of the healing you have agreed to complete. If you heal them you are not healed. But if you heal yourself they can become a mirror of your healing.

You believe that you are called to heal the world and you become frustrated because it seems that the world refuses to honor your commitment. There is still pain, chaos and suffering everywhere you look. You feel that in the course of your lifetimes you have made little progress because the world you return to is always the same. But is it? The world simply reflects the energy of the collective, a mirror of the healing that is yet to be done. And the energy you notice is that which is to be healed within you.

Each of you resonates with an energetic spectrum that you can move from fear to love. These energetic vibrations are part of your soul commitment, which is why you are aware of and feel pulled by specific kinds of suffering. Some of you want to heal the hungry, others the sick, others the defenseless and powerless, others work to empower children. Whatever energies you need to heal in the world are those you must heal within yourselves as they represent your karmic journey, your disconnection and your soul’s wounds.

With each experience and interaction remember that this is a journey of self healing, of your journey to wholeness, divinity and reconnection. Your teachers mirror your need for healing to you. And the world responds to the reflection of your healed self and it can then be healed. Your question with everyone should be ‘What is being mirrored to me and how can I heal this within myself?’ Then you will be given the information and tools to complete this healing. As you hold your healed powerful self before the world, it will respond with its own healing.

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