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If You Want to Go to Maine

Heavenletter #3118

God said:

That which is natural is not a technique. That which is natural arises of its own accord. It is not an instruction. That which is natural is not a prescription given out. That which is natural is not something you have to train for.
I suppose you could say that I instruct you to love. True, I do remind you of it. You can be reminded, yet love cannot be commanded. Love is not a note you write or a Valentine card. Love arises from the heart of love itself. A reminder is not an instruction. A reminder is a reminder.

Of course, I suggest that you be generous. Of course I suggest that you give every consideration to others and the Universe.
Of course, I suggest that you be happy and that you let the past go.
Of course, I suggest that you be with people who value and appreciate you, and with whom you feel the same.
Of course, I tell you many things.
I am aware that you have often wanted me to tell you how, how to be happy, how to be generous, how to love, how to BE. What instructions can be given to teach you how to be? Being is about the opposite of instruction. How do you perform Be-ing? Why, you just be.
A dog who bays at the moon at midnight was not taught. The desire to bay at the moon arose. It was a desire that erupted, and there was no distance between the desire and the fulfillment of it. A dog does not think it through. He does not weigh the pros and cons. He does not go to a text book or to another dog well-versed in baying at the moon. For those beloved dogs who bay at the moon, it is natural. The impulse arises, and the sentient dog acts on his impulse. He is not trying to do anything. He is not trying to be a bayer at the moon. A dog is simply being. Through his being, he bays at the moon or wags his tail or lies at your feet.

I suppose the one instruction I would give you on how to love, how to be generous and considerate, how to be happy and so forth would be: Go in the direction of where you want to be. Simply go in that direction.
If you want to go to Maine, you follow the sign that points to Maine. In order to go to Maine, however, it is necessary for you to know that you want to go to Maine. Then you set your compass.
When you want to come to Me, for instance, the compass you set is your heart.
For those of you who experience Me, you cannot tell another how to do it. You can tell your experience, yet your experience is not a road-map. Your experience includes your perception of what led you to Me. Of course, in truth, it is My desire for you to come to Me that led you to Me. You can inspire but not instruct. You can write a book of your experience, but you cannot write a manual. There is no particular path that leads to Me. There is no path, except your wanting to come to Me. You may not even consciously know you want to come to Me, and yet you are on your way.
To come to Me, to love, to be generous and considerate, simply to be are all natural. Do not whip yourself into a lather about them. They will come. You will learn, yet there is nothing to learn. Well, perhaps you can learn that there are no steps for you to follow. There is no 1, 2, 3. There is no affirmation. There is no technique. Coming to Me is coming to Me. No one can teach you how. You are your own discoverer, and I, I help you discover. It is all between you and Me.
If answers are within anyone, answers are within you.

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