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The Challenge of the Core

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

In each lifetime you fulfill a level of energetic transformation that you have agreed to through your soul contract. These promises represent your fulfillment of different levels of ascension that you undertake to transform the energies required for that part of the cycle. Each cycle brings humanity closer to the achievement of heaven on earth and they are completed as you are willing and able to transform the energy. The most challenging issues are those that are at the core of your healing, as they reflect your deepest aspects of separation and hold the most dense and ancient earth energies.

They reflect the times when you have allowed yourselves to experience the most fear, when you have held yourselves in the ego’s energy and rejected spirit. They resonate with the desire for human power over spiritual mastery and bring forward the energies of Atlantis and Lemuria, times when humanity rejected its divinity. Yes, these were times when you had great power but it was used to maintain the separation instead of fulfilling your promise of ascension, which humanity must complete as part of its contract with Source.

The illusion of human power is central to the core issues, and is what has kept the earth in this cycle for many eons. As you approach spiritual partnership you remember the times when you used your power to cause harm, to promote your interests and to challenge your divinity. In these times you saw yourselves as powerful, as masters of your reality and fully rejected partnership with spirit. In your emotional bodies you hold the energies of regret, guilt and shame for your actions. These energies prevent you from using your power and to fear connection. They also cause you to create fear and chaos in your reality, as you punish yourselves for your past.

You are now in the energies of your core issues and you can choose to respond with self blame and remorse or to remember your ascension promises. You undertook each lifetime in order to clear these energies and your ability to respond from the ego or to partner with your divine self reflected your spiritual growth. You heal the core issues through forgiveness, re-membering yourselves to Source and allowing love to guide your actions. This is the end of another ascension cycle and in this one you will be victorious. Be joyful as you release these energies for they are all that stands in the way of heaven on earth and the completion of this ascension cycle.

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