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Loving the Self

by Jennifer Hoffman

Our journey to love as a healing path takes many twists and turns as we look for love in a world that may often seem unloving, unable to give us love or return the love we willingly give. Our longing to connect with the love from Home, the unconditional love that we come from and are returning to, can be painful or effortless, depending on where we begin that journey, whether we are focused on the material or spiritual planes, look from within our without, and are able to remember who we are, divine spiritual beings having a temporary earthly experience.

We make our journey to love difficult by forgetting that the one person we must learn to love above all else, is our self. But the self has two parts. One part is the self, the physical body and earthly experience that is the focus of this particular lifetime. While that self is the one we are the most aware of, it is but a small part of who we are and is the expression of the learning, healing and transformation that we have agreed to focus on in this lifetime. This is the self that we can despise, blame, find fault with or see as imperfect.

The other part of us is the Self, our soul, higher self or spiritual aspect that is the real focus of our journey. When we contract to engage in any lifetime, it is the Self that seeks to right the energetic imbalances that have been created in previous lifetimes, remind us of our endless Source connection and create balance between our spiritual and material aspects. This is our point of perfection, where we have a seamless, limitless connection to Spirit and are firmly grounded in the love that is our birthright.

Which self do you seek love from? The earthly, physical self that is a mirror of your lessons or the Self, which is your reminder of your perfection, which holds your divinity and effortless expression of the unconditional love that you are? It is the blending of the two aspects of your self, spiritual and material, that will lead you to the love you wish to find, the end of the healing journey of love that will take you back to the beginning, the Source, the place where you started and are returning to. Choose to love all aspects of your self so you can fully step into the effortless, joyful love that you are.

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