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Release Your Guilt

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

As Lightworkers you have held the light for the world, often alone and unappreciated, for eons of lifetimes. When no one else was willing to suffer for the light, you were there to defend it. When humanity was ready to shift and transform, you were present for the process and this has happened many times for you. Each time you thought you were going to participate in the earth’s ascension and each time you were let down. For this many of you carry guilt and it is time to release it.

As long ago as Lemuria and Atlantis and even before, you have been part of humanity’s great awakenings, ready to assist with the transition from darkness to light, from suffering to joy and from fear to unconditional love. Yet at the moment of transition humanity wavered and was unable to continue. Many of you carry this guilt as a burden of failure, proof that you did not work hard enough, did not carry enough light or were not strong enough to complete this work. Yet this was not your doing, humanity had much more to do before it could complete its ascension and your efforts provided the glimpse into the light it needed to continue.

With each ascension cycle you have been present, hoping for the moment that humanity would remember its divinity, reconnect to Source and re-align itself with the Divine Plan for reconnection. You accepted blame each time this did not happen but it has never been your responsibility to ensure that ascension happened, you were only to be the emissaries of light to enable it to happen.

This is the final ascension, the moment when humanity will acknowledge its divinity, will accept its Source connection and will re-align itself with the final portion of the Divine Plan, to ascend into higher dimensions and a new paradigm of the spiritual human. It is because you were present during the many iterations of this process that it can happen now. So release your guilt, be blessed in the knowing that your contributions have made this possible and know that you are loved beyond measure by the One who is the Source of all. Keep your energy fully in this moment so that you are conscious of the advances that are being made and you will see the Divine Plan’s fulfillment, thoughts and vibrations. Joy is Spirit’s gift to you when you mastery.

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