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Is it LOVE or is it Memorex?

by Jennifer Hoffman

I’m dating myself here as the title of this article refers to the ads for Memorex cassette tapes, which supposedly sounded as good as the original, live performance. According to these ads, a voice recording could be heard exactly the same way, live or on tape, no matter how many times it was replayed. And in the context of this month’s subject of relationships, this is such an appropriate concept because while we think our relationships are all new and unique, in reality they are all (until we set different intentions), pre-recorded and what we are experiencing is a very good replay.

We don’t have ‘new’ relationships with people, just as we don’t think new thoughts-unless we consciously set intentions for new energies in our life. This means that every relationship we have, with every person and situation, is a replay which exists so we can create new energies and ways of being. While we are not aware of this and think that the person we love or dislike, the families we choose, our job, co-workers, neighbors and life details are all random events, they aren’t. In fact, if we could see the continuum of our life path, we would see the same energies, embodied in the same kinds of people, unfolding in the same way, as we live through the same situations and make many of the same choices.

That’s a depressing thought until we go back to the nature of relation-ship, which is how we connect to and with others energetically. The only reason these people and situations come back, time and again, is so we can make different life choices. They just play the role we chose for them, as well as they can, and it’s up to us to ensure that they don’t have to play that role any longer. But we think every lifetime is a first, that every love is a new one and that we are there to heal others. We are, but more importantly, they are in our lives to help us heal too. And we can begin that process by asking the question, ‘where have I seen or done this before or known this person or situation in the past?’ Because you probably have, many times over.

Is it love or is it Memorex? It’s Memorex in the guise of love, whose purpose is to help you remember that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. From it, all of your other relationships are born and they will embody the energy of your self love. But the part we forget, as we look for love in the world, is that the love we see there cannot be greater than our self love, nor can we look to others to fill our love basket on our behalf. When we love ourselves all of our relationships are energized and empowered by that love and then we become the love we seek and can receive love in ways we never imagined possible.

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