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Cinderella’s Carriage

Heavenletter #3131

God said:

What makes a splendid day for you? It is not passivity, beloveds. Nor do you have to wrangle your day. You can go out and meet your day. You can shake its hand and start a stellar tour with the day. The day will be like Cinderella’s carriage. It will take you wherever you like, yet at the stroke of 12 midnight, it leaves you. But for the preceding hours, the carriage and its liverymen are yours. This carriage will take you to the ball where you will meet the prince. The carriage will take you just about anywhere you want to go.
Sit up in the carriage. Don’t slouch. Sit up so you can be sure to see all the sights you drive past. Face the front of the carriage where there is a vista before you. Look from side to side, as you will, but don’t look out the back. In front of you is where the action is.

Certainly, on another day, the prince you danced with, can come out looking for you, and find you. Your day and his day are an engagement in life. Days do bump into someone else’s day. A day is truly a day for all.
And, yes, there is weather. There are muddy days and sunny days. There are all kinds of days just as there are all kinds of carriages for you to travel in. No matter how simple the carriage, it can be beautiful, for you are riding in it. It can be smooth or bumpy, and you ride in it.
Consider the carriage of the day you ride as a horse that you ride on. How you ride the horse has something to do with how the horse trots or gallops or waits for you. Your style does have an affect on the horse you ride today.
You don’t have to crack the whip, yet you play an active part.
I do not think that you can ever appreciate a day too much. It comes to you loyally and presents itself to you. It gives itself to you. It offers you itself. Even when you choose not to go out, the day is still with you. It makes no difference to the day. It does make a difference to you, however.
You have counted days, and you have reflected on them. You have gone fast, and you have gone slow, and yet a day presents itself to you every time, and says, “Where do you want to go? Where do you want me to take you? How do you want me today? Simple or full? Easy-going or racing?”

The day says to you, “I can be just about anything you want me to be. And if I don’t succeed today, my counterpart, tomorrow, will take over and finish our ride around the park. So let’s get going, and see what you can make of me. I do believe that you set our course. I make away with you like an attentive lover while, at the same time, I simply follow your bidding. I read in your eyes what you want us to become and where you would like me to take you. I am at your service, and I do oblige. You can transform me. You can make me what I never was before. And yet I have my own vitality too.
“And every day, like clockwork, I return you to the bed you left, or a new bed. Regardless, I am always on time. I pace myself. You and I wind up together. We start out together, and we return together. And never have we seen two days of us exactly the same. I am like life itself, full of variety and vitality, and full of choice as well. I will take you around the block, or I will race with you to foreign lands. Always I am with you, and always I restore you.

 “Where shall we go today? And how far would you like to go?”

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