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Once Upon a Time

Heavenletter #3125

God said:

Once Upon a Time Once upon a time you woke up in a garden, only you didn’t grasp that it was a garden. You were told it was a desert, or you were told it was a jungle, or a forest, or an empty field, or a battlefield, and you wandered there. You may have felt shrouded there. Even so, there was the sun. There was the sky. And there was the ocean blue for you to gaze at and swim in.

The world you lived in changed according to your perception. Yes, the world depended upon what you picked out to look at. The world would change according to what you looked at and what you made of it. The world moved according to what you made of it. Your thoughts made the world appear as you saw it was.

The world, in effect, could be anything you wanted it to be.

You see, beloveds, with your thoughts, you could not fool the world. You were like the stock market, and the world went up and down with your thoughts. Of course, the world was not led by your thoughts alone, and yet, nevertheless, the world was torn or the world was beautified according to your thoughts.

It is true in life that everyone lives in his own world. You already know that, for, to you, one day is splendid and another day seems dark, and this is all irrespective of the weather. Your thoughts are like a magic wand that decide the appearance of the world. Beyond your thoughts, are your feelings, and you are, willy-nilly, the thermostat of the world.

I know you want the world to be a better place. Make it so with your thoughts. Start a new world with your vision. It may be you won’t make a picture-perfect world, and, yet, you will make a picture of the world. From the beginning, you have made your picture. Now you can paint a different one.

Let the sun in. Let it peek through the shades of your mind. Let your thoughts be a gift to the world.

It is not necessary for you to delve into the world of reported news and proliferate it. There are many millions and trillions of things you can think about. How you think and what you think about become the destiny of the world. You do write the future.

Create a neon sign in your mind that flashes:

“All is well. All is wonderful. There is good news to report today. I will report it. I will not nod my head at the newspaper headlines. I will not affirm and confirm the news. I will no longer say, ‘Tut, tut,” and replicate the troubles of the world. This does not mean that I am burying my head in the sand. I simply am building the world as it deserves to be.

“I am the maker of news flashes. No longer do I buy what is bruited around. I don’t have to listen to the ills of the world any more than I have to listen to my friend tell in detail about his operation. What do I need details for? What does accuracy of detail do for me or my friend or the world?

“I will report this news of the world: ‘God is, and God loves the Universe and all of us in it.’ Is that not more true than a scandal?

“Once upon a time I read a book, and then I decided to write my own book. It was really my life that wrote the book. As I moved in the world, I was writing a book of the world. I moved in the world and wove it according to my thoughts. I can make my thoughts anything I want, and so now I make my thoughts and the world beautiful for all of us.”

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