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Niagara Falls

Heavenletter #3133

God said:

The tide of life pushes and pulls in many directions, and yet there is one tide, and you are swept up in it. Inevitably, you are tumbling to Me. You can drag your feet. You can walk backwards. You can chain yourself to a post, and yet you are inevitably caught in the stream of love that flows and flows to Me. Life issues from Me, and it flows to Me. You flow to Me. And that is all there is for a Child of Mine to do. There is nothing else.

Whatever your format, whatever your charge in life, you are flowing to Me. You may even be flying to Me. In one instant, you will be here. Of course, it is only in your awareness that you have anywhere to go or time to do it in. Time does not exist. Only timelessness does. You are already safely and fully here with Me. You only imagine that you are anywhere else or that anywhere else even exists. What an imagination you have, and yet you cannot quite imagine what you cannot imagine. You imagine all manner of things, and yet you may well miss the One Truth of this imagined journey you are on. You may think you haven’t even gotten your toes wet yet, while you are already immersed in My heart of love.
As a matter of fact, nothing exists but this Niagara Falls that you are cascading down. But, of course, neither up nor down exists either. There is no direction to flow in, and yet the falls and the waves and motionlessness are bringing you to Me this instant. You come tumbling down or soaring up, and it is all the same.
This is not a leap you have to take. Or, if it is a leap, you have already successfully leapt and landed in My very heart. In truth, you have never strayed from it.
You had a moment’s reverie. Your imagination took flight, and you imagined you were somewhere when there is no somewhere to be. You thought you moved. You thought you vacated Heaven. What an imagination you have. What a stupendous imagination.
You imagine that you have to hold on to something when there is nothing to hold on to. You fear not holding on even when there is nothing to hold on to. You want a strap to hold onto as if you were riding on a subway or an el train. The truth is that you are unshakably with Me. If you must hold on, hold onto that thought and never let it go:

“I am unshakably with God. He holds me securely in His heart. I live in God’s heart. And I am somehow, at the same imagined time, an emissary of His heart. I recline in God’s heart while I believe I am touring the Universe. I believe there is a Universe to tour. Meanwhile, everyone I know joins with me in this mirage of life. Life on Earth or on any galaxy seems so real. It feels so fundamental. Of course, God is the basis, not the Earth I imagine I stand on. God’s heart is the basis, not mine. My heart doesn’t need culturing. It is my mind that does. My mind is a storyteller. My mind makes up a story, and I think the story is true because it has been racing through my mind for so long.“
Beloveds, your true story has been written. I will read it to you now. Your true story is that you are here in My heart now and never were anywhere else. There is nowhere else. You are here. That is the whole story.

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