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Choose From Your Inner Wisdom

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

From your emotional power you choose drama and chaos and travel a challenging path where you are ruled by karma. It is this path that has kept humanity involved in its karmic cycles where the ego is in control. Through it you move from the illusion of victory and each time you are able to overcome through force you believe that you have transformed. When you choose from your emotional power you accept the burden of sadness and pain that you have experienced before and are open to every experience of karma that you hold in your emotional body.

This is a position of false power, centered in the ego, focusing on the belief that you are able to change the outcome based on your expectations and judgments. Through it you believe that the next time things will be different, while maintaining the same level of energetic input. But the ego, when disconnected from spirit, does not access your inner wisdom, which provides you with a greater perspective from which you choose from the fullness of your learning, your heart and the guidance of spirit.

Through your inner wisdom you choose what is in your Highest Good, that which serves you and humanity. It is not the path of chaos and drama so it does not feed the ego’s need for confirmation of its power. It is the path of humility, service and joy. Your wisdom lies in the peace that you can find in every situation, that blesses you with transformation, healing, understanding and reconnection to your light. You know that you have chosen from your inner wisdom when your choices bring you peace, access to the limitless abundance of the Universe and reconnects you to your mastery. It is the path that leads home, to heaven on earth.

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