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How Do You Love

by Jennifer Hoffman

It is part of the human condition to long for love – we describe it in songs, books and movies, each of us has a story of lost love and when our broken heart heals, we are willing to try again.  We believe that our search for love is part of life, everyone wants to be treasured by a life partner who complements them in every way. But our search for love on the material plane is a reflection of our desire for reconnection, to reconnect to the unconditional love we know from Home. And we can find that love when we know how to love.

There are two ways to love, from our heart or from the ego. Heart love is based in spirit, it is unconditional and forgiving, grounded in knowing that we are love and are loved in every way, at all times. From a spiritual perspective this is enough and we can go through life moving from one loving situation to another. But we have the ego to contend with, and it assumes that we are not loved so it seeks out the most unloving, challenging situations and tries to create love from them.

The ego always wants proof, from the material plane, that love exists. And it remembers every experience of rejection and betrayal, every slight and hurtful comment and uses them as reminders that we are not worthy or deserving of love. Because we have material proof that love hurts, is hard to find, does not come easily and can be lost, we have to convince the ego that love is possible in order to connect to the love we wish to find. And we can do that by raising our vibrations so that we approach love from Spirit instead of through the ego.

Our ego based love is selfish, doubting and needy. It wants its needs met as proof that love is real. Love from the heart is selfless, faithful and gives knowing that it will receive. Heart love is confident and does not need to have proof that it can have love because it finds love in every situation. Being at the vibration of unconditional love allows the love connection to be made effortlessly. If love seems distant or impossible, we need to look at how we love, from the ego or from the heart. When we are willing to love from the heart we are able to receive love and we will discover that the love we want is waiting for us and will appear in our life at the right time.

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