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The Source of the Echoes

by Jennifer Hoffman

The echoes in our life are the reverberations of energies that have come back, across time and space, to teach us about our selves, where we are wounded and need healing, what we need to release in order to move ourselves to our next level of soul growth and the lessons we have undertaken for our lifetime. Our echoes have so much to teach us that we can get lost in them and their sounds, forgetting that they are just echoes, voices from our past whose presence in our present is meant to be a source of empowerment. Knowing where the echoes are sourced is the key to whether they are empowering or disempowering, a means of growth or of stagnation.

From the moment of our birth we are surrounded by echoes, beginning with the lessons our parents teach us. The people we chose as parents are the first source of our echoes. How they interact with us, treat us, honor or dishonor us, is the first indicator of the energetic echoes we have brought into this lifetime. Lessons in empowerment always begin with being disempowered by those we love and trust the most. The source is our own echo, not their behavior. Where do we need to resolve our karmic history of the use and abuse of power? That is the source of resolution, release and empowerment.

Our echoes are no more than the flow of energy that has come around to be repeated or resolved in a lifetime. Are we going to add more energy to the echo or allow it to die out by releasing whatever connection we have to it? That sounds like such an obvious question but it is less obvious than we would imagine. Why would we willingly empower that which disempowers us? But we do by being attached to it, wanting resolution, being hurt, disappointed, depressed and angry with those whose purpose in our life is to bring our echoes to our attention.

And so we move through life either releasing or empowering our echoes. If we remember that we are ultimately their source, we remember that this is our own energy we are dealing with and remove the connection we believe exists with any person, place or thing. This is detachment and it is our source of healing. Without detachment, we become the echo, embody this energy and try to resolve it through trying to change its outcome, rather than its energy. We cannot heal and energy by becoming it-we heal by removing connections, releasing, forgiveness and shifting our energetic vibrations. Remember that you are the source of your echoes and you are both healer and what needs to be healed.

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