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The Ocean of God’s Heart

Heavenletter #3315

God said:

I am not a secular God. I do not alight on some mountains and not others. Be as happy to share Me as you are to share with all guests you receive. Am I not the Guest, beloveds? Support Me in My love for all. Cheer Me on.

I am the Guest of your heart whether you open your door to Me or not. I am the tenant of your heart. What I am to you, I am to everyone. My children are all equal to Me. I Who love love. There is never a time I do not.

I love every tree in My orchard. I love every leaf. I love leaves fallen to the ground as well as fresh green sprouting leaves. I love. I know only how to love. I am not a God Who loves by whim or by doctrine. I do not assign some of My children to one place and others of My children to another. My love extends. It extends everywhere. It extends to you.

My words here extend to all. I bless the ones who read My words, and I bless the ones who do not read My words. I bless those who comprehend, and I bless those who do not comprehend. Blessed are My children. There are no corners to My world. My world is round, and I encompass all. My love reaches everywhere.

Little flowers root in a crevice of a stone and blossom there. If I can do that, can I not love all My children? Do you imagine that I only provide nourishment to some of My children and withhold it from others? Once and for all, am I not a God of Love? I am not tempermental. I do not toss coins. I do not pick a card. I do not change My mind. Nor do I change My heart.

What can a heart of love do but love? I am capable. Is there somewhere or someone whom I cannot love? If I were unable to love all, then I would not be a God of Love. I would be a God of intellect or something like that. Anything that is not love is less than love. I am not an inferior God. I am a God of Love. I do not stand on ceremony. I do not make a list of requirements.

A God of Love offers. He does not command. He does not give ultimatums. He does not say: “Or else.” He does not say, “Do it My way, or you are off my A list.” A God of Love offers free will, free choice. I am not a despot who makes demands that you must fulfill or get out. I am not a teacher in school who hands out grades.

You are responsible for your choices. I do not make them for you. Oh, well, once in a while I do. Once in a while I jump in and decide for you. But that is neither here nor there. You set your own course. This is your responsibility. I have no responsibility unless you call loving a responsibility. For Me, loving you is like water falling off a log. It is My joy.

I love. I love. I LOVE! I choose to love. I am incapable of anything else. I am not a God of intermittent love. I am a God full of love. I am bigger than the Ocean. I never dry up. Come to the Ocean of My Heart and know My love for you. Come now.

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One response

  1. God is Love 🙂 I wish to be lost in “The Ocean of God’s Heart!”

    October 26, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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