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Our Gladdened Choice

Heavenletter #3579

God said:

You are not on Earth in order to be tested. You are on Earth in order to serve and be served. How wondrous it is to have you on Earth. You came to Earth to serve. Serve well, beloveds. Serve well. Serve as one who has been chosen by God to serve.

It is as if I tapped you on your shoulder. If you could remember My tapping you on your shoulder and saying: “Loved one, would you like to serve Me on Earth?” If you would, you would remember that you nodded yes, and you would remember.

I said: “There are thousand and one ways to serve Me. Certainly, there are more ways to serve Me than the numbers of your fingers and toes. There are more ways to serve Me than the number of living beings on Earth, for each being may have sundry ways to serve Me. Be the Truth of Who you are, and you will be serving Me the same way you breathe. You will serve Me with inspiration. With every breath in, you will serve. With every breath out, you will serve.

I said: “You will serve not in servitude but in love. And you will serve with alacrity.”

You will be thinking: “What can I do to serve God? Even what little thing can I do to serve God?. Nothing is too little for me to do for God.”

You will be thinking: “What will do I now that gives God an opportunity to be glad that He chose me to come to Earth? What opportunity is here for me to be glad that I said Yes to God? Of course, I could not say no. How can anyone say no to God Who says Yes to us? How could I say no to God Who loves me no matter what? That’s what it means that He gave me free will. He would not have given me free will if I had to appease His love, court His favor. Of course, my will, in truth, is surrender to God. I never did not surrender. I am surrendered.”

You will be thinking: “The theme of my existence always was: ‘God, here I am. God, I am here to serve you.’”

You will be thinking: “And, God, You said to me: ‘Live and love on Earth, and you serve. Love yourself enough to know that you are in service to Me. As you are in service to Me, you are in service to yourself. To love is not a command, you understand. Love cannot be commanded. It can only be rendered.’”

I, God, said to you: “When a song goes through your head, it comes to your lips, and you are singing the song or humming it. It came to you. And that’s how you love. Love occurs to you, and you are irresistibly drawn to it. What a lovely thought to have: ‘I am in service to God. Who else could I be in service to? There is No One Else. There is God. There is God alone.’”

Say to yourself now: “God does not let me lie at His feet all day. He asks me to stand up and serve. He asks me to fill plates for others. He asks me to be his host or hostess to the Universe. He asks me to welcome all. He asks me to show others the way. It is only courtesy. God asks me to be a flashlight to the world and to myself. He asks me to know that I lie down beside green pastures as I cultivate pastures and make them green. He asks me to be chlorophyll radiating the way the sun radiates light. God has asked me to make life on Earth fertile and happy so everyone wakes up in the morning with joy in their hearts and life on Earth invincible and Earth our gladdened choice.“

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