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The Fountain of Youth

Heavenletter #3581

God said:

You were not born to be dissatisfied. You were born for far more than that. Better to build on your foundation than to be perennially dissatisfied. A sense of dissatisfaction ages you whereas a sense of the goodness of life takes away wrinkles. So now I know how to reach you. I will copy the magic marketers. I will say it outright. “Come with Me, and I will make you young again and see that you never age.”

Isn’t this how it is done in the world? “Buy me, and I will give you every advantage. I am the fountain of youth,” the ads say.

I, God, am indeed the Fount of Immortality. I am better than plastic surgery. I am better than the most expensive creams. I am better than any pill.

What works against Me is that I am readily available, anyone can afford Me, and no one has to spend a fortune on Me. No one has to spend even one penny. I am free to all. Yet I will tell you that I am worth all the disappearing creams in the world and the most precious diamonds, and I am yours free for the asking. You don’t have to fill out forms to order Me. You just have to desire closeness with Me in your heart. Just nudge yourself over. You don’t even have to wait for Me to arrive in the mail. I am better than priority mail. All you have to do is accept Me. Even before you desire and accept Me, I have been right with you in our mutual service to the Universe.

With Me, beloveds, you let go of the past. It could be said that you also let go of the future because you are pleased right now in My presence in your life. I dandle you on My knee. I dance and sing for you. I take your hand and invite you to dance with Me.

What else I do is to ask you to take upon yourself responsibility for your joy. I give you plenty of opportunity, and yet you have to avail yourself of it. You are the one who has to take the opportunity for joy even as it flies to you. You have to catch the baseball of life. Even when it comes right to you, you have to catch it. Your participation in joy is required. You are not allowed to sit there passively waiting for joy to visit you, for that way you sulk.

You are sitting in a rowboat. The rowboat may drift. If you want to make progress, however, it’s best if you take the oars and row the boat. Put some energy in, and gain mileage.

For plastic surgery, you lie on the table, and all is done for you, but then, you are not as good as new. You want to be new. You want the real thing. You want to be ageless, and you want to be beautiful.

I even have beauty secrets that I will give to you. You will learn to even age and be beautiful. You may not even desire youth of the body any longer because in our walk together, everything reaches its own level. You may desire greater than eternal youth. You may desire to serve and be so busy serving that you forget the errands you used to go on before.

With Me, you save your money, and you travel further. You travel to your true self which is ever the same. Your true self. Clamor for your true self. Your true self is love, and you are climbing the rope of love headfirst. You are so immersed in the heights of love, there is hardly anything else for you to desire but for more of Me and the love that grows in your heart.

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2 responses

  1. Unfortunately we all age as time goes by, It’s one thing no one on this planet really enjoys is the aging process… We all have wrinkles and greys that seem to pop up whenever we weren’t looking and of course we all seem to blame god for not giving us the fountain of eternal youth…

    October 9, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    • Greetings Lady Jude, Thank you for the visit and kindness. Enjoy every day!

      October 16, 2011 at 10:18 am

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