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The Source of Your Fears

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Your fears reside in the belief that you are separate from your Source and offer understanding into how you came to this separation. Many of you have participated in the experiment of separation from the beginning of your journey on the earth, and in each lifetime you accept the challenge to reconnect, heal, renew your promise to ascend into a higher vibration. You bring your fears into each lifetime so you can understand them, learn and release them. This closure is part of your journey into reconnection and healing.

Within each of you is the fear that if you do not learn, heal, grow and transcend your humanity that you will be punished by an angry god. This portrait of God was created by your religions and is not an accurate portrayal of your ever-loving, benevolent creator whose only desire is to bless you unconditionally and without limits, blessing you in accordance with your every desire. When you are in fear you remove yourself from these blessings.

The basis of your fears arises from what you have manifested with them. With each life journey you either perpetuate fear or heal it, you either shed light on the darkness or spread more darkness. You have created what you fear the most and then you transfer that fear to your Source. Can you acknowledge that you are responsible for the energies of the earth and for the manifestation of everything that occurs in your earthly home? It is easier for you to fear your Source and believe that you are powerless in the face of your actions than it is to acknowledge that you are co-creators of your reality.

Yet while you have both love and fear as the energies you work with, your Creator only works through unconditional love. You may blame your fears and your manifestations on your Creator but the responsibility lies within you. You ask why God does not step in and change them and the answer is simple. You provide the vibration for Source to work with on this planet. The higher vibrations function through unconditional love and they are unable to manifest at lower levels. When you choose the energy of fear over unconditional love you are no longer a co-creator, you are manifesting solely from your humanity. Accept your responsibility and power to release your fears and connect with the highest vibrations to manifest the love on earth that you know from Home and there will be peace within you and it will be the end of the fear vibration.

Copyright ©2011 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.


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