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Living In The Flow

by Ada Porat

According to the Taoist book of Chuang-Tzu, some pupils of Confucius saw an old man swimming in a raging torrent when suddenly, he disappeared. The pupils rushed to save him, but the man reached the bank entirely unaided.

Asked how he had pulled off this remarkable feat of survival, the man replied that he had simply let himself go with the descending and ascending currents in the water. The true Taoist, in other words, molds his senses, body and mind until they are at one with the currents of the world without.

In the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, Krishna stressed the need to let go of resistance in order to stay in the Eternal flow. He said, “You must be free from the pairs of opposites. Poise your mind in tranquility.”

The flow of water in nature serves as powerful reminder that life exists in a constant state of ebb and flow. You and I are intimately connected to this process of flow because our bodies consist of more than 70% water. Flow is our natural state of being.

To resist the process brings pain; to move along gently with it facilitates the emergence of your true potential. When you do not trust the process of life, you’ll fear the future, the outcomes or the process. That resistance to what you fear blocks the flow of life and causes stagnation in yourself and in your life; over time it tends to create the very painful outcomes you have been afraid of!

All spiritual teachings share the principle that we do not have to live in resistance or fear. Growth in consciousness requires that we learn how to overcome our resistance to change, because it is rooted in fear. It is our very resistance to what we fear, that attracts to us what we fear – yet we can choose to focus on the perfection of the present moment and flow with that instead. How can you stay in flow, then?

To flow with the process of life, you need to surrender yourself to the perfection of each present moment.  Surrender the fear of losing control, the fear of the unknown, and the fear of what might happen if things don’t go the way you think they should.

Instead, choose to remember that change is the natural state of things; it is a continuous, intrinsic part of life. No matter how overwhelming current circumstances may appear; they, too, will change! As you allow the process of change into your life without resisting it, you’ll find yourself carried toward your destiny on that gentle current.

By allowing the process of life to unfold, you remain open to all the possibilities. You choose trust instead of fear; trusting that you are living in a benevolent universe, and that each step is unfolding in perfection even when you cannot see it from your limited perspective. Instead of seeing lack everywhere, you start noticing the beauty of the process.

Life speaks to us in metaphor. The more we embrace its flow, the more we notice its subtle messages. You may have a vivid dream that clarifies a problem you have been wrestling with, or you may find guidance showing up for you in unexpected ways.  Indeed, one of the secrets to spiritual growth is to regard everything that shows up in your life, as being sent for the express purpose of bringing you closer to enlightenment.

When you no longer resist the process of life, you are free to reconnect to your inner core of peace.  You become quiet as you move beneath the surface chatter of the mind. As the surface noise subsides, you become aware of the vast expanse of stillness that lies within. Connecting with that inner core also connects you to Divinity, the eternal indwelling Presence.

Over time, your continued alignment with this indwelling Presence allows you to witness the perfection of everything in life as it unfolds.  Instead of judging what shows up, you start recognizing that life brings you exactly what you need, not necessarily what you want. And the more you align to Truth within, the more your surface wants come into alignment with what you truly need, bringing harmony into every area of life.

The Essenes taught that life is like a mirror: whatever we don’t like in others, we also don’t like in ourselves. Pay attention to what you don’t like or resist in others: identify the emotion and the reason, release it and you will return to a state of flow. Here are some thoughts to help you stay the flow of life:

Stay open

Stay open and feel love flowing into you by connecting to the Divine or by reminding yourself of a time you felt intense love.


Take time to observe beauty – relax and spend time in nature.


Observe what shows up in your life. Instead of defending yourself or going into attack, ask yourself what the message is, and acknowledge the insight it offers.


Remember that you don’t have to use drama to compete for energy; simply detach from the ego’s story and let go.

Stay aware

Pay full attention to everyone you meet because they all have a message for you, as you do for them.

Focus on now

Recognize that the present moment carries with it all possibilities. By staying in the present, you stay open to all the possibilities.


Trust in the process. Surrender to the power of Consciousness and let it carry you – it will be perfect!

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2 responses

  1. Yes go with the Flow… very true.. sometimes we fight it and have to go through it all over again… much better to let Go.. a lesson we all at times have to learn.. XX

    Wishing you well dear one.

    September 28, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    • Greetings Sue, Much easier to float with the current; than to paddle against it. Have a great week!

      October 1, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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