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You are the Voice of God

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The lifting of the veil between the spiritual and material worlds is an exciting time for all of the Universe. Take note that this was not done by Spirit but by each of you as an indication of your willingness to embrace your divinity, to be in your spiritual integrity and to voice your Truth. This has been a shift on many levels for humanity and for each of you, a new awareness of the many blessings of your Source connection, which comes with new responsibilities. You are each the voice of God and your many voices are a powerful tool in the ascension process.

You are the physical vessel for many voices. Within you are the voices of the ego and of spirit, the voice of your energetic vibrations, of your past and karma and of your present moment, of your limitations and potential. Each of these voices serves a function on your journey and you can choose which one to express. Your most powerful voice is the voice of Creator, the voice of unconditional love.

Which voice do you use to express your desires and manifest your reality? Which one do you allow to dominate in your reality? Your voice is how others will know you and how you know yourself. Take a moment and listen to your inner voice. Does it speak of your power and faith or of your fear? Are you speaking about your limitations or your potential? Do you voice your fears before listening for guidance? Your voice is the expression of your energetic vibrations within each moment in your journey.  Word and thought are equally powerful and manifest in the same way. Your voice can express pain or joy, the powerlessness of karma or the power of creation, it speaks of spiritual Truth or the ego’s illusion. Which voice do you use?

When you use God’s voice you are in integrity with your purpose of integrating your divinity, relinquishing the temptation of the ego to speak with its voice of fear and limitation. Be still and listen for God’s voice within you then use it to express your healing energy to the world. Others will know you by your voice, choose the voice of God and be in your power. You can use your voice to move mountains or to be buried by them, to grow the spark of divine Light or to drown it in fear and sorrow. Your Creator has given you the choice of being Its voice and when you choose to speak from it, you accept your powerful role as creators of heaven on earth.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.


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