sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Little Maitri thought for the day…

by Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful

Loving yourself is the starting point and the very foundation of all human existence. The advantages of self-loving are astonishing–you become contented, fulfilled, original, powerful, and humble and are able to listen to other people and really hear who they are. It creates delight. May I suggest? GO for it~!

Maitri is a Sanskrit word, that is often translated as unconditional friendship with oneself. And as Pema Chodron reminds us, ..”this is very hard to come by–unconditional acceptance of yourself. It’s a practice of beginning to make friends with oneself, and it not coming from the outside anymore.”

Where does it come from? Feeling at home with your own mind and body… relaxing with yourself. Not only is this the basis of compassion…it’s the seed of happiness.

It begins with our relationships to ourselves. We train ourselves first, to be loving, honest and compassionate with ourselves. We find the basic tenderness we have, and we extend this to ourselves–when we feel good and when we feel bad. It’s kind of like unconditional ideal-mother love. The foundation of all peace in the world even, is based on our ability to relate to ourselves, first, this way. Then gradually we can extend it outward–first to people we already know and love, and later to the more challenging relationships and to people we don’t even know. It’s a process, but it all begins with tuning into the feelings of gratitude and appreciation that we have for our life and cultivating it; reaching for this feeling toward ourselves in each moment–easy or difficult.

So here’s your formal invitation: LOVE YOURSELF. Make friends with yourself. It’s the doorway to everything.

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