sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.


by Scott Rabalais

At the heart of virtually every religion in the world exists one central premise – that man is separate from his creator. Globally, there are literally hundreds of organized religions and thousands of sects or offshoots of those religions. Religion in many countries dominates the political, educational and cultural landscape and has been the root cause of numerous major conflicts for thousands of years. So why exactly do we subscribe to religion and what’s the reason for its existence on our planet and in the minds of our people?

While this may seem the most complex of questions, its answer is quite simple when viewed form the perceptual mountaintop of higher consciousness.

For eons, separation consciousness has been the lens through which mankind has perceived reality. With separation comes the idea that human beings are disconnected from all others and all of existence. From a psychology of separation has evolved a hierarchical structure of existence within the mind of man, classifying a supreme being at the top of the pyramid. The birth and proliferation of religions through the ages have represented man’s desire to develop a relationship with this supreme being. Complex belief systems have been created and passed down from generation to generation, often unquestioned by their subscribers.

Only when we transcend the human mind system do we begin to see the insanity of these belief systems and how they have existed for thousands of years as a creation of man’s limited consciousness. In unity consciousness, we come to realize the oneness of all creation. There no longer exists a chasm between man and God or man and anything else. Separation is no longer possible in a unified field, as all is one. No longer does the need for hierarchy exist in the consciousness of man as hierarchy implies division and categorical structure.

The view from unity consciousness invites the idea that one religion differs little from any other, as all are born from separation consciousness. Through the lens of unity consciousness, the idea that one religion has cornered the market on truth or that another religion will prescribe the perfect behaviors that lead to salvation is seen as ludicrous. Instead, religion is seen as another game that man has played for centuries as a slave to his mind. When man transcends his separation consciousness and sees that game for what it is, the need to play such a game simply dissolves.

A majority of individuals today hold ever so tightly to their religious beliefs and convictions, unwilling to question them or release them from their grasp. And yet, in order to experience unity consciousness, they must let go of their often fanatical identification with their beliefs. Of course, we are all free to do as we choose and we can associate with any thought construct that we deem vital to our well being. In that freedom, we have the choice to cling or let go. In letting go, we open the door to a higher view, a realization of who we are beyond our identifications.

Religion has become a thought prison for man, a means of remaining “in the shoebox” of his limited awareness. Man has used religion to keep himself small, when, in actuality, he is the grandness of the cosmos. Religion has served well as a tool to keep ourselves chained to the illusion that we are separate from the universe, that we are not entitled to the glorious existence that awaits us if we are willing to take that single step out of our separation consciousness.

A true spiritual awakening is nothing less that the realization that “I am God,” and that no authority, religious figure or belief system has power or control over us. Paradoxically, as we realize the meaning of “I am God,” we, too, realize that there is no external God outside of the human mind, that instead we are infinite existence. In this exquisite moment of freedom and clarity, we fly above the falseness of religion and into the expanded awareness of our magnificent nature. At this moment, our belief in the reality of separation and, thus, religion, disappear from our lives forever.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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