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This Fine Morning

Heavenletter #3442

God said:

When there is turmoil in your heart, turn to Me. I am here. I am here for you. Look up at Me, and feel My love. Is there anything better than My love? You may be focused more on other things.

You have an alternative, beloveds. Switch your awareness to Me and away from your troubles. You may well have been doing the reverse. There is more to life than troubles and worries and haste and waste.

Sometimes it seems that having troubles has become a way of life in the world. “What is wrong today?” you often ask yourself. “What problems do I face? How am I doing in the face of all my worries? What is to become of me?” What a sad song for you to sing, beloveds.

Here, I give you some new lyrics to sing in the morning: “What is right today? Is it daybreak? Do my legs work and get me out of bed? Do I have a bed? Am I awake? What will I have for breakfast this fine morning?”

Thoughts are reversible. Your thoughts are reversible. It is like remembering to wear the other side of a reversible coat that has a beautiful lining. When your thoughts are ungainly, reverse the lining of your thoughts. There is another color of the coat that is better for you. Much more flattering. Talk yourself into reversing your thoughts, and see what happens to your day.

Take Me with you in your thoughts. If you sit on a bus or train and it is tiresome as you go to work, have the idea that I sit beside you. Or, if you drive your car to work, have Me on the passenger seat. How much will traffic jams bother you then when you know I am right beside you? And if you walk to work, walk with Me. I’ll stay by your side.

All this sounds so obvious, so simple, yet how often in the heat of the moment have you forgotten to remember that I am right with you? I do not want to count the times you have thought I was at a distance nor do I want to think how often you have not thought of Me at all.

If you were a bookkeeper, you would have two columns, one called Asset, and another called Debit. Of course, it is the asset column you want to fill up.

In life, it seems like you have two columns. One is called Ordinary or Regular Life, and this column is filled to the brim. There is another column called God Loves Me. Now, let this column take precedence. Fill it up. Keep writing in your heart: “God loves me.”

Think of it! I love you. I can’t help loving you. I cannot do anything else but love you. I am a prisoner of love, and, oh, how freeing that is. I love without cease, and it is you I love. I love you. Will you please get that through your head? And then fill your heart with the thought of it: “God loves you.”

I love you every day of the week. I love you every hour, every minute, every second. I love you without fail. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Whatever your deeds, I love you. I do not cast My eye on your deeds. I cast My eye on you, and, oh, the loveliness I see. Oh, the loveliness you are.

Your soul visits with Me, and We are happy. Now, come, with your thoughts. Visit Me, and stay with Me.

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2 responses

  1. Good to know someone loves me 🙂 Enjoyed the positivity flowing from this post…very healing and steadying 🙂

    September 22, 2011 at 9:06 am

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