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Life in the Universe

Heavenletter #3082

God said:

You are a champion of the Universe. You are a supporter of it, and you cheer it on. You are a sponsor. Life in the Universe is a kind of group sport, beloveds, only, when all is said and done, there is One Team, and there is no other team to play with or against. There is One Team in the whole Universe, and you are on it.

No one is on the sidelines. No one. Even if you hide in a corner, you are on the field. You are a player. How you play is up to you. It is not up to anyone else.

You are not invisible on Earth. You are visible. Even if you wear a mask, you are seen. The fact is that you do wear a mask, and sometimes you are weary of that mask. Take it off. How wonderful to be just you! Take off the helmet you wear and all the armor and simply be your unmitigated uncomplicated self. No pretense. No effort. No dressing up. No make-up. Just simply come out onto the field as you are. As you are. As I made you, bright of light, imbued with love, steadfast in love, honest in love.

No longer do you second-guess life. You do not manipulate it. You live it. And what you say and what you are – they are in agreement. They concur. No longer do you fake. Now you rise in all the light in Heaven and Earth, and you reveal yourself to yourself. What are you thinking about now? What a relief to be honestly who you are without dissembling, without feeling that you must be other than you are.

No longer do you try so much to please the world and all those you know in the world and all those you do not know and yet still try to please. You already know that, try as you may, you haven’t pleased very many very much at all. Being your honest self, you will, oddly enough, please many much more, and you will be pleased with yourself much more. You will grasp the power of honesty. Never rude, you will be honest. No longer will you be a conspirator in a plot to be what you are not.

You will blaze a trail of honesty. Honesty is about what pleases you, not what displeases. Displeasure is in the past. Now simple honesty comes to the fore. What a relief it is to be honest! Now is time for you to be honest with yourself. Now it is time to get out of the mass mold and into your Truth which is, of course, My Truth.

Have you not spent an inordinate amount of your life trying to be what you think you should be rather than who you are? Have you not tried to be more brilliant or more winning or more whatever you think the world wants of you? Have you not?

And now you can let go. Now you can recommend yourself without reservation. You are discovering that life is not a job interview you are having. You don’t have to impress anyone. Life is not a job you are striving to be hired for. You already have the job. And you are your own employer, and you do look out to serve well. You have tenure. You were not hired for a day. You were hired for life. This is your life We are talking about.

Of course, ultimately, I am your Employer. I brought you into this company called the world. I gave you life, and I told you to go forth. I did not tell you to be what everyone else seems to want you to be. I made you you for a reason. You are supposed to be you and not someone else. You are good enough. You are more than good enough. I conferred the role of human being upon you, and you accepted, not as anyone else, but as you. No one can accept for you. Only you, and your acceptance has been built in. You are here in the world to serve, to serve as befits you who you really are. All are needed, and all have their jobs to do. You have a role, and yet it is not a role. Or if it is a role, the role is to be who you are. No one else has the role you do. You are very role-specific. And that role is to be you without pretense. Simply you, this magnificence I made you, not as someone else, but you, just as you in truth are this moment.

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