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Create the Ascension

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Accepting your role as creators in the third dimension has been a difficult task as you have used its polarity to reinforce the negative aspects of your experiences and the illusion of separation and powerlessness that were one option among many that you could use to define your journey. The density of the earth’s energies present you with an opportunity to create from spirit, to mold them into the embodiment of their divine Source. You direct these energies and as you manifest higher levels of creation with them, you form new dimensions and allow ascension to occur.

Your job on earth is to create and to take the third dimension through its creation cycle. While you partner with Source in this process you are the ones who are able to work with the earth’s energies; this is the human dimension and you have authority and dominion over these energies. The more you focus on the creative aspects of your energies and set your intention for the creation of your realities, the transformation of polarity and your ascension, you are enabling ascension to occur as it will happen through your efforts.

Ascension is not limited to the earth and the third dimension. All of your solar system, galaxy and Universe are ascending at this time. Your role in this process is to keep the energy flowing, to move it through this cycle and to remember your power in this process. You are not limited in any aspect of your power as co-creator and you are responsible for your ascension. You are not passengers in this process; you are at the forefront of this shift and while there are energy transmissions, shifts and downloads that assist you, they are possible because of the work that you have done to prepare for them.

The creation cycle is a continuous process of transformation and ascension that you have participated in during many lifetimes. This time is the end of a cycle for the earth and for humanity. Work with your creative energy continuously as you are creating the ascension as you move through it. You cannot wait for the Universe, the angels or your guides to act, they are supporting you and the creation that you are enabling. Creation stops if you stop creating and it moves forward as you continue in your efforts. So create your ascension and remember that you are in control of this process. Be aware of your power and the important role you play in creating heaven on earth and allowing the ascension to occur at this time.

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2 responses

  1. ………” This time is the end of the cycle for the Earth and for humanity”………….

    Yes the cycle is coming around.. Interesting too as I went to a workshop a couple of weeks back, in which a very Good Trance Medium gave a message in answer to a question on reincarnation And those in Spirit said this is the last time around.. Which again reaffirmed other knowledge I had been given via different sources …

    September 17, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    • Greetings Sue, Thanks for the visit and enjoy every day!

      September 25, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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