sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.


by Scott Rabalais

Water is a chemical substance whose molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Water is a liquid at ambient temperatures, ice in its solid state and water vapor or steam in its gaseous state.

Interestingly, the three realms of consciousness in human beings mirror the three states of water.

The realm of the physical can be compared to ice. Its texture is hard and firm, and the vibrational energy is relatively low. It has virtually no expansive value; it’s not going anywhere.

The mental realm is much like water, easy and flowing, though defined in shape by its borders and boundaries. Without borders, it will take its own path in a manner more expansive than ice.

The spiritual realm or realm of being is represented by steam and is greatly expansive. It is of great energy and movement, more than water and far more than ice. While ice is densest, water vapor has low density.

Scientific measurements can show the amount of energy necessary to convert a particular amount of water within its liquid state or from liquid to steam. In the case of water being converted from a lower temperature up to the boiling point, the amount of energy required to change the temperature of water is based on the original temperature of the water and the amount of water being affected. To change 100 grams of water from 20 °C to 100 °C takes roughly 33 kilojoules (kJ).

However, once the water reaches 100 °C, the amount of energy required to convert water to steam increases dramatically. The same amount of water takes roughly 226 kJ to vaporize at the boiling point, or roughly seven times the amount of energy for the same amount of water to jump 80 °C!

What this analogy between water and consciousness tells us is that, relatively speaking, it takes far less energy to make adjustments within a particular realm of consciousness than it does to experience a transformation of consciousness. While in separation consciousness (mental realm), it takes relatively little energy and attention to make adjustments. These so-called adjustments may include changing our belief system, learning a foreign language or taking on new political views, among many others. Water in liquid form, whether hot, warm, cool or cold, is still a liquid.

However, it is a far greater step in energy to transform water into steam, or in the case or consciousness, from a separation consciousness (mental) to unity consciousness (spiritual). We experience such a dramatic transformation only with a great commitment of ourselves, our attention and our focus.

Moving into a higher level of consciousness is becoming aware of an entirely new existence. It’s an awareness that we are not limited by our “previous” forms, but that we are more than we have previously known.

Imagine for a moment that you are a cube of ice (I know; it’s a stretch!). The ice is who you are; it’s your identity. You are quite well-defined, hard as a rock and largely immovable unless a substantial force acts upon you. Then suddenly, you begin to experience a change in quality and form. Your boundaries are falling to the wayside. Your temperature is increasing dramatically and there is a new quality of energy about you. You begin to flow, no longer restricted by inherent rigidity. You are transforming to a new being. You are still the same hydrogen and oxygen, though only in a very different form. The transformation has, in layman’s terms, “blown your mind.”

The same shift occurs when water converts to steam or when humans move from a consciousness of the mental to a consciousness of the spiritual. The metamorphosis is profound, life-altering and dramatic. Once again, existence is nothing like it was in the previous state. We are literally reborn.

So many of us are now experiencing crossing the threshold from water to steam. We are expanding, losing many of our limitations and borders. Our sense of identity is being changed by the day, if not the moment. The energy of the cosmos, of which we a part and in which we all participate, is quickening to allow for transformations to occur. That energy is available to each of us, not only to bring us to the boiling point, but beyond it into a new world, both individually and collectively.

Both water and human beings are natural. How amazing it is that we can look at nature (in this case water) as a great teacher, as a mirror for who and what we are? The processes that water goes through to transform to a more expansive state are amazingly similar to what we humans experience to ascend to a higher awareness. While requiring a great deal of energy to metamorphose, we have that energy within us, the force that serves to expand us to the infinite beings that we are.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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