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Morning Blessing 09 15 11

Best of 2011

Dear Beloved One,

I am often reminded how teaching provides insights and deeper understandings, and perhaps that is why I have such a passion for it. This week one of my classes read the chapter on immortality from The Science of Mind text and we discussed its values and meanings during class. A valuable insight for me came the day after the material began to sink in (perhaps it happens that way for you too from time to time).

The information from the day before had digested and started to integrate … I understood that in Matter only an activity is manifest. We all look to the outside of things because that is all we know; for the indwelling consciousness that is IN the matter is secret and sublime. If we travel the path of spiritual truth we develop a consciousness that becomes partly awake. Something secret within us party manifests, but often times is still hedged and limited by a self-imposed restricted circle. Still we move towards opening — experiencing flashes, illuminations and up surging from the secrecy within us which break the limits of the rigid circumference so that the circle widens. But these occasional visitations cannot enlarge us far beyond our present capacities. That can only be done if we can bring into it the higher undeveloped lights and powers potential in our being and get them normally into play; for this we must be able to draw freely from those ranges of our Being which are native but which at present are subconscious, or secret to us. In other words, we must align with our immortality! You must gain the perspective that you are spirit’s timeless existence, that is true immortality. You are more than what appears in the bathroom mirror. It is essential to get the right focus in relation to your truest nature.

Temporal consciousness is intimately dependent upon the preoccupation of our mental faculties with our material plane and the life which it is presently acting. We all believe in immortality, all religions make that a vital point in their teachings, but how often do we actually live from that belief ? How many of us, truly, live consciously each day with a concrete sense of our perpetual Being (whoever you are now) in time and of our timeless existence? That was the insight – not many of us. So perhaps you would like to focus, like me, on aligning with a Self-knowledge that rises above an earthly identity. I know if I can look in the bathroom mirror and realize that I AM the activity that made “Angela” then I can possess and govern all I see from that inner eternity of being. What do you say? Let’s all declare: ” I am the dynamic condition with, as its practical outcome, a spiritual self-possession and self-mastery!”

To Divine Consciousness and Divine Life!


This day I heighten my consciousness to its original existence by ascending and stepping back inward to the spiritual principle of Oneness. There arises a knowledge effectuated by this movement of Divine cosmic nature. There has never been a separation from God in this corporal existence. Aligning with immortal consciousness reveals the truth — there has always been only One Self in all existences. It is the Divine Inhabitant within the body of all beings. I AM its transcendence of Divine play in time.

As my consciousness changes into the height and depth and wideness of Spirit, I can withdrawal from my absorbing material preoccupation. Becoming immortal expands my range of consciousness and field of action in time, taking up a higher use of my mental, spiritual, and physical dimensionality. I live in the knowledge and feeling that my very substance of being is a spiritual entity possessed of a continuous Soul-filled perpetually developing its activities through successive physical existences, thus becoming a being determining its own becoming! I release all desires to live as a slave of blind karmic impulsion and awaken to the mastery of my own being and nature, subject only to the Divine within. All conditions in my life are a union with God, a unity with all beings, and a life governed and formed from within in which the source of all thought, will and action are the Spirit working through the truth of Divine Law.

I radiate a heart filled with gratitude as I walk into the world; a conscious face and figure of the One Universal Being. A self and a power of the transcendent Divine in earth instrumentation. And so it is.



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