sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Choose to Love

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Your life journey is a choice between the light and darkness, Your life journey is a choice between light and darkness, love and fear, connection or separation. Everything about this journey is focused on your healing, reconnection, transformation and ascension. This has been your goal for all of your lifetimes and in each one you have opportunities to choose, even if you do not have an awareness of the choices that are available to you. You can choose to love and each time you do this, you choose to heal.

The choice to love is one of embracing your power and the creation that you have manifested in your reality. This is a choice to honor your journey and everyone and every thing in it, without judgment or criticism. When you judge your choice you create distinctions between the past and the present, between the levels of vibration that create the possibilities you can be aware of. When you choose to love you also love yourself and all of the choices you have ever made. Each one was appropriate for its time and the lessons it contained.

Each step of your journey represents a lifetime of experiences that have led to this moment. None is more important or better than another. When you choose to love you love them all, for each one was made for the benefit of your healing, you apply healing. Any judgments you have about them continues your separation for you must love each experience, person, situation, choice and step on your journey as your Creator loves them, which is fully, completely and unconditionally in that moment. With Creator there is no past or future, there is only the moment in which you are always whole, perfect and complete, powerfully creating your reality as a mirror of your Self.

You have worked so hard to arrive at this moment, your challenges and suffering have always been a result of your belief in your disconnection, the belief that you were unworthy and undeserving of Creator’s love. In each moment, choose to love everything and you are then connecting with the love that Creator has for you. Love yourself, bless each thing, love each moment and you are then fully applying the healing that has been your path for your many lifetimes and the purpose of your mission on earth. Choose to love and you choose to heal and then heaven on earth is possible for all of humanity.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.


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