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Morning Blessing 09 09 11

Note: today’s guest writer is Joel Goldsmith

Business always seems to be dependent on certain conditions,

circumstances and seasons, or on the good will of other persons.

In the human picture business is affected by weather, finances,

changing modes and fads, but turning from this picture we find

that in reality business is the continuous activity of  Principle;

that this activity is infinite and harmonious, and that it is

maintained and sustained by Principle Itself.  

Dear Beloved One,

Business is an infinite activity, is forever without limit, and is never dependent on person, place or thing. Right where you are, business is. It is a result of and resident in individual consciousness, because individual consciousness is the universal Consciousness individually expressed. If we go about our tasks doing those things that lie nearest at hand, with faith that there is an ever-present, invisible power which the Hebrews call Emmanuel, or “God with us,” and which Christians call the Christ, our work will always bear fruit. The point to remember is that at all times, and in all places, there is an invisible and omnipotent power acting to support every right human effort; and the way to demonstrate this is to recognize and acknowledge the presence and power of God and rely on it.

Business, spiritually understood, is the reverse of the usual conception in which every thought must be held to profit and loss and good policy and bad policy, or that which is or that which is not “good business.” This business is never at the mercy of times and tides or circumstances and conditions, but is the free flow of the activity of Mind universally expressed. Lack and limitation exist only in the belief that God and man have become separated from each other. The true understanding of man’s relationship of God reveals the ever-presence of supply, the immediate availability of good in every form and in an unlimited quantity.

The facet of the diamond need not pray for color or brilliance because the diamond has no power to withhold these from its outer surface.  The same is true for you, Spirit cannot withhold its supply of life, its quality of substance, activity and peace, from its individualized being. All that man can ever need is with the universal Mind, eternal Life, and is pouring itself into expression through man and his businesses every moment. from “Collected Essays of Joel S. Goldsmith”


also by Mr. Goldsmith

God’s grace flows out into the world as an invisible Presence and as an invisible Power of blessings through me. I am that center through which that grace is bestowed upon the world – my world, God’s instrument through which the divine wisdom, the bread of life, the wine of life, and the water of life are reaching mankind. The nations of the world seek bread, food, clothing, and housing, but “not ye, my disciples” –not I; I seek only the kingdom of God and I let God’s grace flow through me.

The spirit of God in me is the Christ. Its function is to heal, raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind – the materially and spiritually blind – and illumine human consciousness through me to the world. “My peace,” the Christ-peace, is given unto me and through me to the world. That is the function of the light that is pouring through me. The truth I am becomes the bread of life to this world which does not yet know its own identity. I, my Divine Consciousness, become the wine and the water. This light which I am becomes the light of the world to the unillumined and my presence a benediction.



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