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Morning Blessing 09 08 11

Dear Beloved One,

This week we began teaching Science of Mind classes once again at my center. In a sense, I always consider this a “New Year” because it is a time when individuals in the New Thought community commit to turning over a new leaf, to expansion, and to a fuller knowing of themselves. Ernest Holmes once commented that Religious Science’s greatest gift to the world was “right thinking.” “The ability to attain your goals – to control your experiences and have them result in happiness, prosperity, and success – lies in your own mind and the way you use it.” (How to Change Your Life ) To participate within a group as Mind-in-action can only lead to greater good in your life.

The ancient yogis believed that the Godhead that dwells within the body is intelligence itself, is pure consciousness and that our minds reflect this consciousness. The Science of Mind philosophy teaches; all conditions are affected by mental ones. The dear ones that have signed up for a class have just instituted a spiritual contract for their Inner God to be revealed! Yea for them! I bow in honor to these Souls that signed up for class this week because they are Possibilities walking. They represent the human spirit searching for new ways to experience who we really are. They are going to remember that they are Divinity, All That Is, journeying forth to experience Itself in a myriad of ways, Is-ness taking form in every manner possible to experience Its own self.

I think we should all take a cue from them and do something about ourselves and for ourselves that will develop our finer, or God-like qualities. Move somewhere dynamic in consciousness my friends, broaden your spectrum of living. Why not give rise to a new paradigm? Be beautiful to behold and dignified in movement as you compose your life’s manuscript.

Living the call from Spirit,


There is only One life, and that life is filled with the power to recreate itself in every moment. I am one with this life, being created out of it. I can always be made new by the Infinite Creative Power of this Life, and Ichoose to be made new today.

Whatever it is in me that’s ripe for expansion, I offer it to the transformative power of Truth. I let the light in; I let everything be accessible to this power of Truth. I behold new ideas, constructive habits of thought, word, and deed, and let the infinite Truth have its way with me! I’m ready for the powerful changes this brings in my life in all its forms.

I’m ready for a deeper, fuller, richer experience of life and living, one that comes only from a deeper experience of my true spiritual nature. I open myself for this experience, and I receive it with joy and gratitude. And so it is.



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