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Morning Blessing 09 06 11

Dear Beloved One,

There is only one power in the universe that enlivens nature and makes possible all actions. It is omnipresent, everywhere in the universe, within each living thing and each particle of matter. It is within the core of our being. So why are we not more conscious of this true nature? We are too often inclined to identify with our conditioned mental states, moods, and personal circumstances rather than our true nature. The way to correct this unfortunate misperception is to restore our awareness to wholeness by choosing states of awareness, thoughts, feelings, and actions that will allow our innate qualities to emerge and prevail.

We can use the symbolic “labor day” we celebrated yesterday to rebirth our connection with our trueness of Being. Take today to intentionally birth a deeper, more intense Soul Self into your Life. To birth more Soul aspects here you need only pay attention to the details within your life’s experience to an even greater extent than you already have. The future you that you have longed for can be here now! Your part simply has to be the desire for guidance, inspiration, healing, spiritual insight . . .

Choose to be fully present upon the Earth’s surface and not elsewhere so that you do not miss what you have longed to experience because you have placed your attention elsewhere. Follow the examples of the spiritual masters who have gone before you, and cleanse and purge what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Seek out others like yourself who are taking the same steps, and do so together, for there is more power in togetherness than in separateness. Do not take for granted who and what you are today, yet at the same time look beyond that to confirm for yourself that there is indeed a brighter horizon and a grander purpose for your Spirit. Understand that the possibility of being more fully HERE exists in this moment. Because at the core of our stature we are the Redeemer revealing the potential of humanity.

Now, what are you hoping for? Higher Self, The Whole Soul, Your Master Self, The Power of God in you…


Equipped with qualities, a doer of works and creator of their consequences, I reap the results of all my actions. I am the ruler of life and move in this One journey according to my own acts. I lovingly recognize my awesome nature of Spirit, merge all my energies, desires, and movements within Its workings today to bring about the True Self. I understand as It understands for I am the coming nexus of organized consciousness ready for rebirth.

Tuesday is simply a step in the growth of being towards my destined Self unfolding in Nature. I allow all Infinite Intelligence to freely and easily know Itself by means of my deeds and, consciousness. I am open and receptive to the vital awakening of a deeper, richer spiritual awareness that flows through me transforming conditions, and creating a wonderful life! I enjoy dynamic good health, increasing prosperity, true love and creative fulfillment in all I do. As a creator in training and an apprentice along a soul path toward ascension I survive all challenges by being open to change and through faith in the perfection of all that unfolds before me. In my heart, I know that new vibrations of power and honor bring forth changes. These changes are in truth the forerunners of better conditions bringing forth ideals and goals into concrete form.

Being content, at peace, and filled with joy I let this prayer be fulfilled now. I am tickled by its divine power the change all my desires into behaviors of a Christed consciousness. So be it. It is the time of fulfillment. And so it is.



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