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God’s Desires

Heavenletter #3145

God said:

There are desires and desires. There is the sense in which, no matter how well-fulfilled, no desire is ever fulfilled enough. The new car loses its shine. A new car a moment ago was the answer to your dreams, and now the new car is just a car. And so you hop from one desire to another, and still you are desirous of something more, even when you don’t know what it is exactly. Perhaps you desire desire.

I am of the school that it is good to desire. Desiring means you are moving toward something or bringing it nearer to you. They are the same. What is the difference?

Desiring means you look at a landscape and find a place where you would like to be or a picture you would like to paint or a gift you long to give. Desires are pictures, beloveds, and they are pictures you like. Desiring more beckons you forward. You find out where you would like to alight. You find out, and then you can alight.

There is the desire to shine in My light. Is not that a likable desire?

There is the desire to serve your brother. Is that not likable?

There is the desire to bear children. There is the desire to give something to the world. There is the desire to be remembered for something you would like to be remembered by.

There is the desire to serve. There is the desire to feel and to be worthwhile.

Desires have great merit. Desire more, not less.

Desire awareness. Desire ability to choose. Desire goodness to reveal itself to you. Desire the goodness of your heart to reveal itself, to you and to everyone within the radius of the world and beyond the radius of the world.

Desire to have conscious awareness of Me and Our intimate connection. There is nothing closer than the closeness We are. I cannot say that We have closeness. I cannot say We have because We ARE. We are so close that We are One. Pretty soon you will not discern a difference. You will see only Oneness and laugh with joy.

Knowing Who you are doesn’t mean you will become high and mighty. It means you will be great humility in the Greatness you stand in. This means you will be in such awe of Creation that you will handle it with kid gloves. You will be Gentleness itself. You will know the power that is yours, and therefore you will be gentle. This is the power you have, beloveds. You are a sentient being who lives the power of God and honors it. You will be so kind to all, for all is within the power of God, and that is the power you are and that is yours to give. We can call this power energy. We can call this power love. Who cares what We call it so long as We use it and live it and spread it around.

How wonderful to be the server of mankind and all the beloved animals who live in the world. What a treasure you have in your hands. What a treasure you hold in your heart. What a treasure life is. What a treasure life in the vast world is.

As your inner sight grows, you may feel overwhelmed at the glory of the world. Instead of its failings, you will see its brilliance. You will, in effect, start bowing down to the magnificence of this very world you live in. You will see beyond the veneer it is covered in. You will see the true gold beneath. This is My desire that you see the true gold, and you will fulfill My desire. There is no stopping My desire.

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