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Embrace Transformation and Become

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Transformation is a new path for humanity and a gift from Source, whose desire is to enable humanity to use this energy for the purpose of becoming. Becoming is a new paradigm for humanity, it is the path of growth, change, of shifting forms and allowing new energies to merge with those of the third dimension. Becoming is the path of unfolding and allowing, of being open to shifting your forms, which is transformation. It adds to the third dimensional experience and is done without loss, but it does require release of the belief in limitation.

Because transformation requires the movement of energy, the changing of your thinking and embracing new ways of seeing yourselves in expanded ways, it is a path that you find difficult and full of challenges. But that is only because you are often so grounded in your limitations and rooted in your beliefs that the process through which they are released can feel like much is being taken away from you. This is the third dimensional experience of becoming, where something must be lost or die so another can replace it. In higher dimensions becoming is expansive and it adds to your path without loss because it is simply a transformation, where one thing becomes another.

Transformation is followed by a new sense of peace, as you move from constriction to limitlessness. Yet it creates fear because that which you have used to ground yourselves is removed. Transformation shifts your energies so much that rather than feeling free, you have the sense of being without a foundation, of being stranded in a sea of the unknown. This is where you have the choice of becoming and allowing your ascension to happen. Ascension is not possible unless you release what has rooted and grounded you in old belief systems so they can become at a higher level.

Every energy exists in multiple dimensions of being. Humanity has embraced the third dimension with limited or no knowledge of the higher dimensions that have always been available to it. Teachers have come to awaken humanity to this knowledge but until it was ready, there was no energy available for becoming. It is human nature to be rooted, it is the nature of Spirit to flow freely. Transformation creates a new level of partnership between human and Spirit which allows you to find new ways to be grounded within Spirit. As you allow this energy to flow through you, you become a higher aspect of yourselves and then you are everything your soul has always known you could be.

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