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Life Begins

Heavenletter #3448

God said:

There is leisure for you in My heart, for, in My heart, time does not exist. There is no hurry, no haste, no eventuality that you have to meet or avoid. You do nothing but loll in My heart, and yet you are wide-awake. There is an enlivening presence in My heart. Everything is hurry-less, and yet your pulse, as it were, speeds up. There is no tempo. There is no pace, and yet the non-pace is not slow. There is no hurry, yet, as you loll, there is alacrity. There is no metronome. There is Stillness, and yet slowness does not exist.

We could say that the relaxation you experience in My heart is something like the gap between heartbeats, the gap between words, between thoughts, between the inception of an idea. We could say that what you experience, even though it is non-experience, is the pause that refreshes.

You are so free within My heart. You know Who you are, and you know you are limitless. And you know what to do with your freedom, and yet you don’t do anything. Like Me, you ARE.

This relaxation is Being, beloveds. It is Being without rush, Being without requirements, Being without grasping, asking, or anything at all but Being.

Being is the state before activity. It is love established and embraced within itself. It is very powerful, this state of Being, Being love, love in full force, love brewing, as it were, love readied on the stove, a herd of love ready to go out the gate, love ready to bolt beyond known proportions in the extant world, love bulging at the seams, love ready to burst through in a surcharged embrace yet not an embrace, a birth of love ready to be born, a fullness of love on the very breach of itself, centered in itself, not yet of the Earth, yet for the Earth, right for the Earth, the solvency of the Earth, the gold of the Earth worth more than millions, love uncountable, love beyond count, love fulsome, love complete, love yet without object, love with nothing in mind but loving, love like yeast, love at the right temperature, love incipient, love burgeoning, love ready to cascade, love ready to burst forth like the sun, love ready to exist on Earth as it exists in Heaven, love
ready to overtake anything less, love ready to elope with the Earth and everyone on it, run off into the sunset and turn around and come back and be love meeting itself all the way, love dissolving everything in its path, love overturning any imagined thing that is not love, love doing handstands, love like a million stars sparkling until there is nothing, nothing at all but love expanding in the openness of itself, a bagful of love on every doorstep, perennial love, eternal love, love and nothing but love, love in common, love for all and not owned but given, love abundant, love one-pointed in establishing itself as it is, as it is the way of life, for love is to be known, and love is to take over, and love is to be known as love is which is all that there is.

Nothing holds sway in the face of love. Nothing exists but love. Nothing compares, even if something existed to compare love with which it does not.

There is an attunement to love on Earth in this moment. All hearts are beating anew, set to the Stillness of My heart, yet throbbing still and making music like a chorus of cicadas. Love is here. Hearts are joined. Life begins.

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