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A Lotus-Filled Lake in a Golden Land

Heavenletter #25

God said:

What will you this morning? My Will or thy will?

You want My Will. You want to know My Will. You want to know My Will for you.

Now it is time to want just My Will, not for a particular, but for the universality of its truth.

You were a young child who had to stay in his yard. Now you are allowed out. Now you have no fence to keep you in. Now the whole universe is yours to walk on.

You walk out of your yard, and you find you have entered a new land where you walk, stop, and look at everything, and everything you see has a glow, a brightness that keeps you looking. You are like an immigrant just off the boat and amazed at what the New World offers.

The street signs everywhere in this wondrous place say, God’s Will. Whichever turn you take, there it is, God’s Will before you. You think you have to reach it, and yet it is always ahead of you. Yes, God’s Will is ahead of you.

After a while, you realize that the signs that say God’s Will are not pointing you in a direction so much as they are telling you where you are.

You are in God’s Will. The Will you seek is lying within you.

Ask yourself, “What does God want?” What God wants is God’s Will.

No longer do you ask, “What is God’s Will for me?”

That is outdated.

God’s Will and God’s Will for you are the same.

You have waited to know, “Should I do this or should I do that?”, for you have wanted to be aligned with God’s Will. Now you have a standard.

God’s Will is peace, joy, love, promulgated upon a land often seen as a desert. Ask yourself, “Do I bring God’s rain to the desert? Am I giving God’s peace, joy, and love to this desert land? Am I bringing a particle more of God to this apparent desert?”

Now you walk in a new golden land where all you can bring is God’s light. You are no longer capable of rehashing the old issues. You can’t even remember what they were.

When you step out of a lotus-filled lake, you step out clean with the scent of the lotus flowers upon you. You shake the golden water around you. Without effort, you bring the clarity of the lake to the dry land.

You do not see dry land any longer because you are wet with the glorious moisture of the lake.

When you step out of this lake, your vision is not the same. You do not look at yourself so much. You are intent on following the Sun, and so you walk toward the Sun and you do not ask, “Where am I going?”, for you know you walk toward the Sun. The Sun attracts you. You go to it. That is God’s Will.

Knowing God’s Will is not an accomplishment. Knowing God’s Will is following it. One foot after the other, you walk to God’s Light. Walking toward God’s Light is following God’s Will.

You swim into God’s Light and you walk on God’s Land, and your discovery is that you are God’s Will. Ordinary you.

You are God’s Will. God willed you into being. He blew breath into you, and He gave you the Garden of Eden. You are in it now. All is here for you. God is here for you. All the grapes are here and the moisture of the Lake. All that is before you is God’s. You join God’s Will by recognizing that God has a Will and God lets His Will be known to you.

Today as you follow God, even if you don’t know where you are going, know that God does know, that God takes your hand, and He pulls you out into an adventure of His Light right where you are, right now, reading His words and accepting His love for you, for that is His Will.

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2 responses

  1. Lovely post 4 1 Love 🙂 And great title! Actually felt like I was walking in golden land reading that…stepping into the golden water of the lotus-filled lake…and most importantly of course, an amazing message! Enjoy God’s will today 🙂

    September 5, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, Glad to see your sight is so colorful, and that you are grounded in good light. Enjoy every day!

      September 6, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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