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Morning Blessing 09 01 11

Dear Beloved One,

Before you arrived here and were brainstorming your “life description” you wrote out that at some point you would find the courage to come out and be your Self – just as all the great ones before you had done. No excuses, no hiding, and no superficial living this time around! All your elder advisors explained how the world here would be starving for authenticity and you exclaimed that you would be it.

You promised to model the New awakening by simply demonstrating the faith that you would have in the process based on your own experiences. You would be a vision carrier, a Light bearer for the world. That is all there would be to it. It was such a simple task – and so easy to offer while here.

Then you were birthed into the human domain.

Now find yourself third-eye deep in the process of becoming a Higher Power while housed in glorious human form. If you are like me, leaping and bounding through constant change, you probably could use a little supportive companionship along the way. Self-understanding provides a great cushion for this process. The company of others of like mind and intention is often our salvation. Here, in the fast lane, our world is rarefied. Many people get stuck along the way in the ego’s world of outer focus, and it gets lonely. It’s important to stay close to those who are awakening with you.

Commit to a way of living that puts you in connection with those you have an instant spiritual rapport. Seek out your soul brothers and sisters that share the same quiet knowing of a greater life that is soundly established. Discover your ancient ties with those that came for the same purposes – like the return of a future memory. Through these deep connections, your life will become empowered with Spirit.

Like the pieces in a cosmic puzzle, we will each eventually find our correct fit. Then, we’ll be in right relationship with Self. Ego and Essence (soul), mind and heart, masculine and feminine, God and humanity, brother and sister, will have become One.

Ahhhh, one heart and one mind intrinsically drawn together,


There’s only one. One Life, one Mind, one Power, one Love. Even trying to give many names for the one isn’t the whole truth. One is One. I can look at it from different viewpoints or approach it from different angles; it’s still one. Anything that seems to make the one into two cannot be the ultimate truth. Not only am I one with the perfect creator of the universe, I am one with everyone in it. Whether I like this or understand this or not, it is the truth.

Today I consciously decide to live from this eternal truth. I treat all other people with the highest of respect and kindness. I love others without exception or condition. I forgive with grace and at depth. I see that the environment in which I live is not a thing, but a Thou – to be known, recognized, and experienced as yet another form of You. In this rarefied awareness, every idea or belief system that can’t stand up to the light of truth is released. With a sigh of relief, I let it go, trusting this experience – and You – completely.

With humility and a heart filled to overflowing with gratitude, I release these thoughts, feelings, words knowing full well they are manifest and true even as they are spoken. And so it is.



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