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A Deeper Level than Thought

Heavenletter #3163

God said:

What if you had no thoughts for a moment? What if you emptied your mind for a moment from all accumulated events and how they affected you. What if your mind were really clear now?

What if you had one thought at a time and not so many thoughts converging, pushing their way through, trying to get to the top of the pile? What would that silence feel like to you?

Perhaps unknown to you, you have had the vacancy of speech I speak of. There have been times when your mind forgets itself and is simply clear. In a trice, you know what to do and what to say. There was not thinking. There was knowing. There was no distance whatsoever from awareness to delivery. Almost instantaneous. A question is barely posed, and already it is answered.

It is like the way you know how to walk. You don’t have to think about which leg moves first and how to balance. You are walking as soon as you have the impulse to walk.

When your mind is clear, everything will be an impulse for you with immediate action. Impulse, action. Thought, conclusion. Instantly, without reservation, without thought, you will serve the Universe. There is a place within you that you can tap into.

It is a deeper level than thought. It is knowing. It is doing without pondering. It is know what to do and doing it. It’s not even that you have a thought about knowing, for in the invisible instant of knowing, you have already moved on it.

It isn’t that you have posed the question: “What shall I do about this or that? What shall I do now? How do I best answer this?” You will have answered the question without asking, to yourself or anyone. You will respond. It will be like you know how to cut fresh homemade bread. You will cut it without breaking the process down into steps.

There will be no more: “What shall I do?” You will be doing it.

You will not ask: “What shall I write about?” You will already be writing.

Yes, everything will be more like Godwriting. So easy. Just like falling off a log.

You will not feel confronted because you will already have solved what was not a difficulty in the first place. No enemy will exist. You will be without thinking so much. This does not mean you are thoughtless, you understand. You will be most considerate without having to consider.

It is like the Universe calling on you the way a teacher might: “Who will erase the blackboard? Who will hand these papers for me?” The Universe will say: “Who will do this for me?” It will be like the Universe poked you in the ribs, and, before you know it, you will have raised your hand, and said: “I will.” In fact, with no lapse between your being asked and your doing it, you will say: “Done. Universe, it is done. In the same moment, it was done.”

This is effortlessness, beloveds.

Just the way when your baby cries, you pick it up.

Just the way when you finish reading a book, you put it down.

Just the way you look out your window and see the sunlight, you know it’s sunlight.

Just the way when the room you’re in gets hot, you open a window.

Just the way when your heart opens, you feel love.

No longer are there partitions. There almost is no planning, for when the thought arises to do something, you are already doing it. You are always at the starting place, and you start. You don’t even start. It’s already done.

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