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Plant Your Love in Good Soil

Heavenletter #3124

God said:

I am well aware of your tendency to want to figure things out. Your logical mind loves to pounce on ideas and turn them into concrete evidence. The mind uses the information it already has and often looks to find flaws, whereas, when the heart knows, it just knows. Take love, for instance.

The mind can give an endless list of reasons to love or not to love, yet not one reason can manufacture love or instantly stop its flow. Is this not true?

The heart has a mind of its own.

However, please do not think I am exhorting you to be mindless, beloveds. I am not telling you to flaunt love. I am not telling you to be flagrant with love. I am not telling you to not to keep your wits about you. I do tell you to love all, including yourself.

Put yourself in situations where love can shine. Don’t put yourself in situations which virtually guarantee to hurt your heart or even harm you, for then it must be attachment or even addiction and not love at all. Do you know what I am talking about? You are not to let yourself be used as if you don’t matter. Do not throw yourself away as if you were not worth gold. It is not that you must always be smart in love. It’s just that you don’t devalue love. You don’t add up columns of love as you would numbers, yet value yourself, and value others, and value love.

Love does not cling. Love does not have to have all of itself in one place or another. Love does not have to prove itself. Let Me say that again. Love does not have to prove itself. Love does not have to get loud. It can be quiet, and love can love from afar. Love gives and love gives itself away, yet love does not give you away as if you, this God Being you are, were not of value. You are worth a great deal. You are worth gold. Know it.

It is good to love all. Give your love and not your worth. What you are worth is not dependent upon anyone you love nor is it dependent upon anyone’s loving you. And yet do not throw yourself away. Cast your love upon the waters, but do not get drowned, beloveds.

You are not needy. You have thought you were. You do not need life to provide you with the love you may have thought you need and, therefore, must have. Love from outside is not the making of you. And your loving from the inside is a natural thing and not a special decorated event.

Yes, I understand that you develop your God-given capacity to love as you go along. I understand that true love has sometimes not been true. There is no textbook that can teach you how to regard yourself and to regard others. In its way, life is the textbook.

Here we come again to the basic proposition that you must love yourself first before you can truly love others as they are meant to be loved and as you are meant to love.

All the constrictions in your heart are not meant to be there. Love yourself, and your heart will be free of constrictions, and you will love as I do love. You will love in a way that gives value to love. Your love will serve the Universe, and it will serve Me, and it will serve you, and it will serve all. Beloveds, plant your love where it will grow.

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