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By What Means Does the World Revolve?

Heavenletter #3111

God said:

If you cannot make the entire world happy and enlivened, perhaps you can make a part of the world happy and enlivened. Perhaps you can make your part of the world sweeter. It is such a little thing for you to make someone else’s day happier. Just as you go about your business and lead your everyday life, you can shine on someone else’s day. Just by a few words, a smile, a sense of appreciation for life and for another’s voyage through life, you can lift the hearts of many.

If someone is grouchy, perhaps your presence can make them smile, even a little bit. Truly, beloveds, you can uplift the day of everyone you meet. You can make their day a little better, a little softer. Of course you can. I sent you to Earth to do that.

Make up your mind ahead of time that you are going to brighten the life of everyone you speak to today. Whether you are the customer or you are the customer service representative, you can make the day better. What does this require of you? Not a whole lot. Simply the readiness to be compassionate and understanding of what life may be like for another. The people in your life know well enough that, in terms of the world, they are not all they can be. They see their faults and hear about them enough. They cannot get their failings out of their mind.

How nice for people to have you see them and appreciate them and look with favor upon them. How nice to have you not remind them of their inadequacies or point out a new blemish. How nice to just have you look at them as if they are real and have a place on Earth and in your mutual world. You do this by reminding yourself that you are here on Earth to brighten life and not discourage anyone, not even one person on Earth.

You see now that there is no need for you to be impatient and short. No need at all. There is need for you to be courteous and pleasant. There is every need for you to welcome everyone who is before you and to uplift a moment of life as you share a moment with them. How much it will mean when you don’t disparage any aspect of the world! How much you will uplift another’s life!

I do not know anyone who would not like a little brightening. And if the others you talk to today are feeling just fine already, not one of them will object to a little thumbs up from you.

The responsibility to be cheerful is yours. No one else has this responsibility. It is no one’s responsibility but yours. The responsibility to spread lightness to others as well as yourself is your sole responsibility as well. Take to heart what I say. The only one responsible for your margin of happiness is you. And the only one who has the responsibility to uplift the day for others is you. You are responsible for what you do. Nor is this a responsibility to assign to another. Look to yourself. Instruct yourself and not another.

Be a grouch no more. You can do it.

Am I asking too much of you?

Be the sun that shines. Be someone that everyone is happy to see. This is not for your ego, but for the blessing you impart to others. But, of course, you also become a blessing to yourself. On My behalf, you swirl the world around, and you balance it happily on its axis.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Not at all. By what means do you think the world revolves if not by you?

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