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Morning Blessing 9.09.2010

Dear Beloved One,

In the evolution of the natural world, to equalize pressure differences between clouds in a thunderstorm and the polarity of soil in the ground, descending bolts of electricity (from the clouds) and ascending bolts of electricity (from the earth) meet to create a huge lightflash (external explosion/lightning), which stabilizes environmental integrity while stimulating plant growth through the creation of nitrogen compounds.

In the evolution of human consciousness, to equalize pressure differences between the latent spiritual potentiality and the mundane personality development, descending currents of force (possibly from the Soul level, Higher Self, God) and ascending currents of force (perhaps from time/space ego states, lower self, personality level) meet to create a powerful lightflash (internal implosion/illumination), which stabilizes and balances individual body-mind integrity while stimulating human growth through the expansion and enhancement of consciousness.

Think about what is implied here: Whether external or internal, explosion or implosion, a lightflash seems to occur whenever opposing forces of energy current converge to release pressure or radiation. Enlightenment by its very definition means an experience of light whereby knowledge and information are imparted for the growth and expansion of human consciousness.

What if enlightenment is a lightflash?


In the beginning there was nothing but Givingness; an abundance of constant transference from Divine Bounty for it is the nature of Spirit to give. Spirit, All Powerful and All Present, is the Essence of Life as well as the Intelligence back of everything. It is complete and perfect within Itself. Without a doubt, Spirit as me knows the intention of this same greatness.

I hold within my thoughts today the sacred intention of recognition, information, contact, being-ness and presence with my Divine origins. I leave behind the limits and constrictions that shadow my reunification with what I wish to be and move into a new avenue of Self. A passageway that absolutely knows how to receive the Light of God, the Light of Peace, and the Light of Love! I consciously volunteer to be a host for this Light in this place. The earth and the stars bring another level of configurations that spark enlightningment. I know that when consciousness speaks, no matter the form, the Law receives and executes so today I align with the freedom of these new devotions. I know they lead me to my own highest expression.

The truth in and back of these words are free from the limitation of world thinking. They are the reality of Infinite Potential and I gratefully ground them in the Law of Mind that knows how to grow them in a positive way. I let this intention be broadcast to all life. And so it is.



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2 responses

  1. The Light of the World! God said let there be light…and there was light…
    Hope you have an illuminating and enlighteniing weekend 🙂

    August 27, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, Thanks for sharing the light, and my every day be lighted for you.

      August 28, 2011 at 10:15 pm

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