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Now You Give

Heavenletter #3121

God said:

Whatever occurs in life, whatever smallness you may feel, you are not smallness. You are Greatness. No matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how disappointed in yourself you are, no matter what mean actions, no matter what seeming absence of love, you are Greatness. If you were not Greatness, you would not react so strongly to your observations of smallness in yourself and in others. You would not be so disappointed.
It may well be that when you notice smallness within yourself, you are breaking out of it. You are seeing it now. Once upon a time, you thought you were right to hold back love and hold back money or anything, and now you see differently. Now you are appalled.

The stumbling block to loving yourself this moment seems to be your acts and emotions of smallness. Once they made sense, and now they make no sense at all. Beloveds, they make no sense because of your very Greatness.
Be glad for your growth and move on. Leave the smallness behind in every way, and that includes thoughts about it.
Once you lived in a hovel. Now you live in a mansion. Live in it. Do not keep one foot in the hovel. Let it go.
Once in terms of recognition, you were low on love and big on selfishness, and now you regret. Get past the regret. Regret is no friend of yours.
Once your garden was ramshackle. Now your garden is Eden-like. Where shall you spend your time now? in the garden of the past that you walk through with your mind? or in the garden of the present where you can walk and touch and see and breathe in the scent of the flowers?
Beloveds, it does not matter what you once were and what you did or didn’t do. It matters what you are now. Now you act accordingly.

Once you were four feet tall, and now you are six feet tall. Before you grew to six feet, you were a lesser height. You would not berate yourself because once you were shorter.
Once you were a person who saw only so far. Now you are a person who sees further.
Once you were a person who grasped, and now you are a person who gives. Be glad about who you are now.
Take it in your stride that once you were less than you are now.
Perhaps you were an artist who painted pictures. Today you see that your paintings weren’t as good as you thought at the time. You can’t undo those paintings. No matter, now you have a canvas to paint on today. What is there to be sorry about? Instead of regretting, be glad at what is right now. Be glad you have come a long way.
You are entering My mansion. When you see My mansion, how shabby seems where you came from. Now you are surrounded by shiny gems where before there was straw. Is this not to be happy about? Certainly, this isn’t to be unhappy about.

Perhaps where you used to live, you didn’t let anybody in. You kept your door closed. And now where you live, you open the door wide. I am talking about your heart. Your heart has grown. It has expanded. Once your heart had tiny rooms. There simply wasn’t room in it for others to enter. Now there is plenty of room. How glorious is your heart now.
Once, perhaps, you saw yourself as a pauper of love, and now you are able to see yourself rich in love. Forget about when you were a pauper. You are a pauper no longer. Once your heart was constricted, and now your heart is wide open, and now you are wealthy of heart, and now you give.

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