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You are the Meaning

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The search for meaning in life is the reason for karmic cycles, in which you try to resolve your experiences through the emotional attachments you have to them. What your journey eventually teaches you is that these experiences have no meaning or resolution except through forgiveness. And when you forgive you release all attachments and meaning, replacing them with acceptance. From a spiritual level this is the fulfillment of your soul’s ascension contract. But for the ego, which requires meaning and validation for understanding, this is a place of fear. So you must choose between peace of spirit and the ego’s need for meaning.

It is the ego that creates meaning from the illusion of the third dimension. There is no meaning in Spirit for it is a place of faith and trust. The ego requires validation and is inspired by creating drama and emotional attachments because this is where it places its energy and is engaged. The ego is an instrument of doing and is uncomfortable at being. It wants meaning so it can add to its memory of explanations and reasons. Can there be meaning in an illusion? What is life without meaning? Nothing, for beyond meaning is knowing.

Every situation inspires you to face your own desire for meaning. This is a journey that revolves around being good enough, deserving, having and being loved. What did each experience mean and what was its value? Did it validate you or remind you of your shortcomings? The ego believes that value is shown through acceptance and every time this does not happen, there is no value and therefore no meaning. So it repeats that experience, hoping it will become meaningful. To move beyond meaning the ego must accept the falseness of the illusion and release its demands for meaning. Can the ego become multi-dimensional? That is its ascension challenge.

What is life without meaning? It is an expanding journey of becoming and allowing, where each one can become to the limits of their potential and allows that for everyone else. Without the need for meaning and validation there is no need for the lowest vibrations of emotional energy. When polarity ends, the attachment to fear also comes to an end. This allows love to expand and with it, the end of the search for meaning. Can you move beyond the ego’s need to know why and into your higher aspects where everything is already known? This is your release from polarity, from having to experience your life through the ego and emotions and allows the expression of energy through the unfolding light of unconditional love where you are the meaning and the journey is the way of peace and joy.

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