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Beyond Words

Heavenletter #3116

God said:

Quite naturally, you want to understand what I say to you. Your logical mind wants to make sense of what I say. It is understandable that you want to sort Me out, yet sorting Me out is trying to make what I say fit into pockets of knowledge that you already have. I go beyond what you already know, or why would I be talking?

Beloveds, when you try to make sense of what I say, when you try to define what I say, when you try to define what I say in your terms, you are trying to make the Vast Infinite finite. You are trying to wrap it up. You want to reduce My meaning to what you already grasp. What I tell you is very often not graspable. When you define, when you put My words into other words, you are trying to make the Infinite finite. In other words, you are trying to narrow down what I say. You are trying to make My words fit into preconceived ideas.

Nowhere is it said that you must consciously grasp everything I say.

When you read My words, understandable or not, something of them enters your heart. That is the key. The mental executions of your mind are very nice, yet the mind can only reduce what I say to understanding in terms of what your mind already knows. An insight is a different thing. An insight comes on its own. Suddenly an insight is there. Insights can not always be put into words. When a lightbulb goes on, you do not have to understand the mechanics of electricity.

The fact is, as you well know, I tell you again and again that love beats all. I tell you that you are love, that there are no limits to love, and, therefore, there are no limits to you. Now, defining and living are two different things. When you try to sew Me up, as it were, you succeed in snipping Me off. Kindly remember that words are words, and I am beyond words, which, in fact, also are you.

What I say to you from the depths of My love for you is My love for you to which there are no limits.

Allow yourself to receive My words. Let them enter that magnificent heart of yours. That’s it. That’s all. Let My words do their thing. Let them be a balm that calms and stirs your heart all at once. My words are not meant to be a mental exercise. When you get My words, you will get them. My love will have plopped itself down in your heart, and, as a matter of fact, you will know nothing. You will know less than you ever knew, and yet your heart will be splendid. Your heart will lift its head and say, “Wow! Wow, God!”

What can your mind say better than that? A wow beats a sortie of the mind any day. My words are not on the level of words. It’s what My words do and not what you make of them that matters.

Don’t know the meaning of what I say, and you will be advanced. Wondering about what I say is one thing. Concluding what I say, summing up what I say especially when you do it neatly and perfectly is another.

This minute I do ask you to grasp what I am saying. Do not be offended at what I say to you now. I say, “Don’t be such a smarty.” Be a learner. Take My words the way you take vitamins. Swallow them, and let them go down. Beloveds, the value of My words will go right into your heart.

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