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The In and Out Breaths of God

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The shifts and changes in humanity’s journey, indeed in the entire flow of the Universe occur with the in and out breaths of God. With each in breath potential is ignited, the spark of light is infused into becoming and all of the Universe is ready for new creation. With each out breath the word becomes flesh, matter becomes and the formless gains form. This is the flow of creation that you know as life.

In your lives there is an in breath as the energy is ready to become and an out breath as creation unfolds. When you feel stuck you are in between stages and are struggling to understand what is occurring. Pushing or forcing the energy to move before its proper time yields an incomplete outcome as the energies required for its optimal completion are not in place. Instead of being frustrated, ask yourselves where the energy is flowing, what is gathering force to become for you and how you can assist in the process. Sometimes all that is required of you is stillness.

Is the energy gathering to create the next step on your journey or has it been released and is waiting for your contribution, which is your intention, the partnership of your will and the actions you need to take? What you call waiting or trying is where the energies are gathering and instead of waiting, you can remember to focus your intention and see where you can become part of the flow instead of the block to the energies’ movement. You learn this in the stillness of your heart, in which you are mindful of the trust and faith that your journey requires.

When you take an in breath you are at the point of transformation, the realization that you need to transform some aspect of your life to enjoy greater fulfillment and a more fully realized expression of your energy and power. When you release this breath, you are partnering with the energy of creation to manifest your intention. Recognize the power in each out breath, as you are partnering with the unlimited, infinite flow of the Universal energy. Feel the power that is available to you, connect with it and know that it is through this power that you manifest each step in your reality. Use the power in the stillness to be mindful of your next step and then you have full use of the power of your intention to direct the energy towards the manifestation of your highest good.

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