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What It Means to Serve

Heavenletter #3098

God said:

From what do you flee? Knowledge of yourself? Is that why you run around so much and involve yourself so much in others’ lives? What are you afraid of finding out? Are you afraid to find out that you are a Holy Being established in Truth? Or that you are not the blessedness I attest that you are? What do you run away from?

You may complain about the rat race, yet you are not confined to it. When you run around so much, there is something you are running away from. When you are not at peace, you are fleeing something.

Responsibility is a good thing. When you are responsible, you can make a difference in your life. Of course, care for others. Of course, by the very nature of the Universe, you contribute to others. Yet it is not for you to interfere in others’ lives and try to change them according to your concept of right and wrong. You are responsible for changing yourself, beloveds. Give to others, give to yourself, and do not try to fix others according to your standards. This can only be the end play of judgment. You are not here on Earth to deem your way the ultimate way.

Feed, nourish, yet do not take it upon yourself to improve others. You are not the corrector of the Universe. Improve yourself. Do not spend your life trying to bring others over to where you think they should be. Call no one infidel. You don’t want anyone to tell you what to do and how to be. What makes you think that you are to do unto others what you do not want done to you?

Before you tell others how to take care of their horses, take care of your own.

It is not for you to tell others what to eat or how to dress. Maybe they don’t like your customs either.

This is an important refrain I sing today, to mind your own business. I understand that you want to serve. If you were a waitress, you would bring the trays of food that were ordered. If you were a waitress, you would not serve others the food you think they are better off eating.

It has been said: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. That aphorism presupposes that you know better than the horse. Well, maybe the horse is not thirsty now. Maybe the horse prefers to graze right now.

Be careful about being sure what another should or should not do. Be careful about intruding into others’ lives. You may be running away from your own.

I know you want to be a responsible person, and you want to serve others. Sometimes you serve best by serving silently with your love and blessings.

Be careful about thinking you know the answers. Be careful about thinking that you stand above someone else.

Sometimes you give the most by keeping silent.

Be good to all, and yet do not think you are meant to whip anyone’s life into shape.

Keep your attention on the splinter in your own eye. You have enough to do.

Raise yourself higher. And when you do stand above, pull up those who raise their arms to you, asking that you pull them up. It is not help you give unless another asks for your help.

Do not flee your own life by attention on others’ lives. Attend to yourself. Have the idea that others will attend to their own. Have the idea that I am taking care of all.

The Great Ones served. They did not come from the concept of rescue. Rescue presupposes a problem. With equanimity, the Great Ones served. And all who came to them were free to come and go as they chose.

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