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by Scott Rabalais

How do we heal a stubbed big toe?

Well, we can take a pain pill or apply an ice pack, but these actions only treat the symptoms of the stubbed toe. What is it that actually provides healing and recovery for the injury?

In a word, the healing is natural. When we stub our toe, our body’s systems kick into gear to transform the injured area to a harmonious and healed state. On a cellular level, thousands of individual cells demonstrate the inherent intelligence to respond with coordination and perfect precision to aid the dysfunctional area.

We can send positive thoughts to the area or pray to the healing gods, but by and large the recovery will take place at its own pace and in its own manner. Resting is a wise prescription for the stubbed big toe; non-interference will allow for minimal distraction as the toe eventually returns to a balanced and pain-free state.

What might a stubbed toe and its healing teach us about bringing ourselves and our planet to a healthy, balanced and harmonious state?

The level of self consciousness is more expansive than the level of cellular consciousness. Viewed from self consciousness, we see that the vast cellular field is unified, acting as one. In the example of the stubbed toe, the cells involved in the recovery effort act with one intelligence to attend to the injured area. Paradoxically, each of the cells responding to the call for harmony has its own unique function in the process. From the perspective of the individual self, there is a natural and effortless move towards harmony in the body. Universal laws apply to all levels of creation, and the cellular level is no exception.

Healing is a natural process and will occur inherently as long as there is no interference from external sources. In other words, the stubbed toe will heal on its own, as long as there is no force applied that would disturb the healing progress. Left alone to its own devices, the body and its cells have the know-how to mend the wound. It’s wise to “get out of the way.”

From one perspective, it is evident that mankind has “stubbed its toe.” Because separation consciousness prevails among mankind, we have taken innumerable actions without the awareness of their impact on the planet. It can be stated that we are a planet in need of healing and many believe that time is of the essence lest we lose our home.

During this critical era, we are being called to transcend self consciousness. To turn the tide, we are in need of a prevailing global consciousness, where we see and manifest from a broader, planetary perspective. From that view, we can perceive a myriad of life forms on and within the earth itself existing as one.

While the idea of global consciousness can be challenging to comprehend, consider its relation to the self and the cellular levels. As the self is to the cellular level, the global level is to the level of the individual. The billions of individual “cells” (human beings) and other entities comprise the global entity, just as billions of cells make up the human body.

Even higher, we can take another internal step – from the global to the solar-system consciousness. At this level, it becomes apparent that the sun, planets, moons and other bodies are working interconnectedly as one unit. Every aspect of existence within the solar system is a member of an extremely close-knit family, bound by a common force.

So do we, the individual cells of this planetary body, have the know-how to bring our Earth into complete harmony? Yes, and we just need to get out of the way. The “external forces” that may compromise healing and cause disharmony are present in the conditioned, thinking mind of man. As we let go of the attachments, identifications and beliefs that interfere with our experience of our authentic nature, our lives become fully healed, or whole. From global consciousness, we can clearly see the unification among human beings. Whether that unification is allowed to manifest is up to the individual human “cells” or entities that make up the whole.

The most effective action we can take to benefit the planet is actually no action at all. It’s the gift of higher consciousness, attending to ourselves and to that which stands in the way of our self-realization. As we do so, we expand in awareness to global consciousness. It is in the embodiment of this global awareness that we naturally manifest in ways that serve the greater whole. No longer are we acting out of the desires of the separate, individual self; we are acting out of a far broader perspective. We are acting out of the awareness of all humanity and all that exists on our Earth.

There comes a moment when we move beyond that which does not represent our authentic self, and in this moment we transcend the self. This moment is the recognition of our inherent freedom, that we are free of our self-restrictions. In dropping any and all sense of limitation, we expand in awareness and identity to a global consciousness (and beyond). Simply (or not so simply) by transcending the self, we are able to experience a reality from a higher vantage point, one in which the billions of human beings are a unified race, regardless of any religion, citizenship, political persuasion, status or appearances. It is by rising higher in consciousness that we recognize the integrative nature of consciousness.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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  1. I’d kinda noticed this on a more personal level too…interesting points here 🙂

    August 14, 2011 at 11:05 am

    • Greetings Wolfie, Glad you liked the blog. Have a wonderful week!

      August 15, 2011 at 7:15 am

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