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Morning Blessing 08 09 11

You say, “May I have …” or,

“I would really like to have …” or,

“what I really want is ….” and you can name anything under the sun that you can conjure, and the Universe calmly says, “Here it is,”

and because it is known by

All-That-Is that anything you desire — can be so.
So, “Yes, here it is.”
– Abraham

Dear Beloved One,


I am living in a perfect universe; it has always been perfect and always will be perfect. Living, moving, breathing in this purposeful perfection means I, too, create perfection at all times. Spirit has never made a mistake. Never was there a mistake conceived by Infinite Intelligence, and never will there be a mistake made. I set my consciousness to this truth and through the power of my own thoughts now experience the beauty and realization of Its operation through my mind.

All that I desire is making its way to me. It cannot help it. I have induced a definite inner activity that knows nothing but its own power of action. I get the result I desire because I align with the universal principle that is constantly flowing in and out of life. I have money, houses, and lands in my possession. The silent force of Mind delivers them in an impersonal way simply by operating upon my acceptance of them. It is not luck, it’s not good fortune — it’s a persistence of consciousness! An attitude that sees these things already done. No mistakes, no bungling it up, no wrong-doing because I can connect to the power that knows, understands, receives, and returns.

Hallelujah! With perfect confidence and perfect trust I know these words are immediately surrounded by the Mind of God which projects itself around their essence, forms the thing I desire and objectifies it. All I do now is wait. And so it is.



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