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What a Wondrous Thing Is This Love

Heavenletter #3135

God said:

I put My fingers under your chin and lift your face up to Mine. We gaze at each other. You are the apple of My eye.
Beloveds, look into My eyes of love, and know the love I hold you in. What can My eyes see but the light of love? And what can you be but the light of My love? When you look up at Me and see all the love in Heaven and on Earth, what are you seeing but your own eyes and all the lighted love your eyes hold? What I reflect onto your eyes, reflects back to Me.  Who can tell which are your eyes and which are Mine, and what does it matter who claims ownership? What We have together is greater than any other designation of anything in the world.

What is there to see in Heaven or on Earth but love?
When you look at your garden, what do you look at?  What do you comment on? What do you enjoy? Give your attention to the flowers, beloveds, so that they grow.
The worms and weeds are also a blessing. They have their work to do. Bless the worms and weeds too as you take care of your garden. Toss the weeds aside as you may, and bless them too. Let the worms and the weeds bless your soil, for they loosen and feed the soil from which the flowers grow. Meanwhile, watch the flowers bloom. Watch them reach Heavenward.
Have you noticed that the whole Universe is reaching to the Sun? You are part of the Universe. You are reaching for the Sun.
And so I lift your face up to Mine, and We gaze into each other’s eyes. What else equals this exchange of energy? What else comes near it? What more do you want?

Keep your eyes on Me just the way your beloved plants do. Grow upwards as they do grow. Grow to Me. You are already grown, and now you see. Now you see yourself looking into My eyes. Isn’t it amazing all the love that Our eyes contain, and Our eyes reveal, and Our eyes receive? What a wondrous thing is this love that holds sway between Us, seemingly between Us.
I say between, yet I know full well that there is nothing that can get in the way of Us. There is nothing between Us except this river of love that flows in one huge endless exchange. How can there be anything to interfere when the one who looks is the same as the one looked at.  What you look at is who you are. You are the ace you picked out of a deck. You are all that I behold, and I behold you.
When you gather rosebuds, you are gathering yourself. You know beauty when you see it. Now acknowledge the beauty of yourself. I speak of the beauty that you overlook in yourself. You have been wearing blinders; take them off.
Never mind your flaws. Everyone on Earth has them. And everyone on Earth also has consummate beauty, overwhelming beauty that is heart deep. I don’t care how many times you flunked a test. I don’t care about the downside you see. I care about you, and I see you. I see you as Myself. Wherever I look, I see Myself. I am Everywhere. I certainly am within you.

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2 responses

  1. Yes we all have our flaws… but its good to know we are loved… and Love itself heals many…..
    I would ask that you send some of your beautiful love out to the UK at this time… as the youth here so need that love as they are very misguided and have lost their way amid the turmoil they are creating here…
    Every thought adds its light… So thank you in advance for adding your thoughts…

    Dreamwalker xox

    August 10, 2011 at 6:13 am

    • Greetings Sue, Thank you for your reply thoughts, and enjoy every day!

      August 13, 2011 at 10:23 pm

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