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What Good Fortune Would You Like Today?

Heavenletter #3105

God said:

Beloveds, as best you can, stay away from assumptions. Assumptions are really hasty judgments. You make hasty assumptions all too often. Someone makes a remark, and you feel the remark means that the person doesn’t like you. You make assumptions that something is the matter when nothing is the matter except your perception.

When you receive your bank statement, you may at the first instant assume that the bank made an error, or you may at the first instant assume that you made an error. You may even assume that all errors are yours. Do not be so quick. That there is an error at all may entirely be your assumption and incorrect.

You know what assumptions are, and you know you make them, sometimes to your dismay. Assumptions are certainly not to your credit.

Your assumptions frequently lead to a call to arms. Your shackles go up. You put your mental fists up. Your have retaliatory thoughts.

It is better that, when it comes to assumptions, that you are not so on your toes. Be derelict when it comes to assumptions.

If you must come from assumption, come from the assumption that all is well and that you are loved. Let that be the conclusion you draw ahead of time. Be prepared for love and not conflagration.

When you make unhappy assumptions, you light a fire under your heart, and you sear your heart. Don’t do that to your heart, your beautiful heart of Mine.

If you can easily think that there is bad news, can you not just as easily think that there is good news?

I will give you an assignment. Think of all the events you would welcome today. Have them on your mind.

Think about how everyone you meet today will smile at you. Think of the checks that will arrive in the mail. Think of the invitations to happiness that will reach you. What will they look like? What might they be? What good fortune would you like today? Give good fortune to yourself in your thoughts.

Assume the well-being that is yours. Assume that your way through today is paved with gold. Assume that the Universe is at your disposal. Assume that the Universe looks for every opportunity to fill your heart and give you blessing after blessing. Assume that the Universe wants everything to go your way and will go to great lengths to serve you.

Of happy healthy assumptions, you cannot have too many. One unhappy assumption, well, one is too many.

If you are to be mistaken about an assumption, let it be a favorable assumption that you are mistaken about. At least you will be setting up the odds in your favor.

Why live through the suffering of a negative assumption twice! If it happens, when it happens, once is enough. There is no need for a sneak preview of it.

Yes, the importance of your thoughts. Let the stream of your thoughts be a canoe ride down a merry river. Why would you want to make the stream of your thoughts go down a muddy road? Keep your eye on where you’re going and what you want. Keep your eye off the unwanted that may or may not appear. Patterns of life can be changed. Beloveds, you must change the unwanted stirrings of thought. Change their format. Change your thoughts, and your life is changed. Give a new pattern of thinking a chance to flourish.

Nourish the thoughts that bring you joy. Let go of the thoughts that disturb you. What do you need disturbing thoughts for?

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