sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Honor Your Total Presence

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Your presence is the manifestation of the divine in human form, a Light for the world and of the world. Your presence in the community of humanity was created for the fulfillment of your soul’s growth and because you are completing a soul, human and universal cycle, the ascension into  higher dimensions of being. Your presence is more than your physical incarnation, it includes the totality of your being, your history, karma, light, and vibrations on all levels and in all dimensions that participates in the path of everyone you meet, every situation you create for your healing and that of others. Your presence includes every aspect of you, divine and human, past and present, teacher and student, love and fear, faith and doubt, creator and destroyer.

Your total presence is part of every situation although you focus on your human aspect and stay limited within the ego’s vibrational limits of emotion and fear. Bring forth the totality of your presence into each situation so you have the full experience of the healing you need on your soul level and the healing you extend to each person, including the earth. You learn by teaching, create by destroying, transform by your willingness to exchange limitation for possibilities, truth for fear. Everything you do is your gift to this moment in the earth’s ascension process, the birth of a new dimension of being for your beloved planet and the galaxy, solar system, and Universe you are part of.

The full presence you embody is powerful beyond your imagining yet you use it so sparingly and limit its potential. You limit yourselves in your expression by staying in the ego aspects of your lessons, which are simply their introduction. Look for the energies beyond what the ego can recognize. Use all of your presence to explore the many levels of vibration each lesson contains. Each lesson calls out for your total presence for resolution and mastery, the participation of all of your aspects so that you learn, heal and transform on all levels, and in all dimensions. Remember that your third dimensional experience is one aspect of your being, there are parallel dimensions that you also participate in, according to your vibration and soul mission.

This is a time of great healing and growth, each lesson is introduced by fear, which your ego recognizes, but what is beyond it? Each experience holds all of the healing, learning, and transformation you need at that moment. Remember the totality of your presence and be totally present in each situation. This is a celebration of your power and divinity, a time to rejoice in the ending of a cycle and the beginning of the new earth. For your spirit it is a time of great joy and blessing, this is the end of duality and polarity for the earth, your galaxy and your Universe. Your soul joyfully awaits the rise of the human energy to reconnection. Every aspect of your presence is powerful and holds the key to understanding for ascension and mastery. Use the gift of your total presence for understanding, healing and transformation.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.


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