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The Law of Creative Solutions

by Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,

Creative Solutions Abound! Have you ever had the impression that there was an absolute solution to every problem – maybe even more than one, but you just could not see it in that moment? Have you ever imagined that if you were only enlightened enough, or had a greater perspective on a situation, the solution would be obvious?

There is always a creative solution to every problem. It is an immutable law, as is gravity or the Law of Attraction. Believing this truth is an important first step because it allows a softening into your mind to unravel the grip of confusion on the thinking process. You can step back from trying to figure something out and begin to allow the energy of the Universe to flow through you, helping you to lighten up. This is very important because when you allow this flow of energy, channels begin to open in your mind bringing immeasurable relief as you lighten your mental grip on concern or worry. You are offering the problem to an Infinite Presence to solve, and a creative solution always prevails in this Divine Mind.

If it helps to personalize, you can call on the Angel of Creative Solutions. Every relationship, every project, every business, has an angelic energy that works through it, helping to bring fruition to what is intended. As is the way with angels, this angel loves to be asked for help and assists the intended outcome to be manifested. When a situation is released to this loving presence with the highest good intended for all concerned, a powerful Universal energy goes into operation. All sorts of creative solutions begin to be revealed. People and activities come to the forefront and assist the work to be accomplished in ways you had not imagined. Your intuition becomes stronger and suddenly you know who to talk to and what to say. It may feel like magic when you allow the Divine Presence to assist your life to unfold in beautiful ways, yet it is the natural way of being.

If you enjoy visualization processes, here is a fun practice to help you use the Law of Creative Solutions more easily. It has long been an established meditation tool to create in your mind a lovely temple space to go to when you want to feel more peaceful. This beautiful space can be decorated any way you choose. It can even be in the heart of a natural setting, like a forest or a waterfall, if that brings you a sense of harmony.

As you visualize this beautiful temple, call on the Angel of Creative Solutions, and allow this light being to take a seat in your temple. Offer your special situation to this angel, and ask that a creative solution be found that is in your highest good, one that would provide a happy ending for you. Now release it from your mind to this creative source and allow the answer to be provided. Do your best not to doubt the outcome. When you second-guess yourself, it pulls the energy from the temple. Instead, whenever fear raises its ugly head, call on the power of Divine Light to fill your mind and heart and ask the angel for the grace to trust in the benevolent outcomes that result from creative solutions. This is a gift that will ease your mind and add some magic to your daily world.

The joy of the Law of Creative Solutions is that it is applicable in all situations. Creation of a new way to handle an old problem in life, a miraculous outpouring of Divine Love into an overwhelming event, and a new idea that leads you to a better life – all these are examples of Creative Solutions. Joining with others to pray for creative solutions to environmental problems, conflicts around the world and our economic situation bolsters everyone’s faith and sends a flow of energy that blesses the planet. No matter what the question, a Creative Solution is the answer. Allow the assistance of the angels to come and ease the way, and above all, know at the deepest sources of your being that Creative Solutions abound.

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.


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