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Morning Blessing 08 05 11

Dear Beloved One,

Guess what? You all have earned a day off! Yeah, we all love it when we get bonuses and this one comes right at a time when you need it most. Yesterday, it seems a few of you gazed upon the blue azure sky and melted into it’s cobalt kind of magic realizing that just above the mist of the clouds there exists such iridescent splendor of infinity. You were reminded of what forever must look like, of your own infinite reach, and of the clear perfection of Life . . .thanks, because that palette of blue made your heart skip a beat, we all benefit.

The reward, as I stated, is a day off. On your day off from yourself, you get to let go of who and what you think you are, and you get to simple allow God, the universe, and your automatic functions to be. Ordinarily, when you take a day off, you take yourself with you, but not today. Just for today, you can let go of all of your conditions, past and present wants, desires, needs, regrets, duties, deadlines, and anticipations. You get to give yourself permission to simply live right now, and watch yourself doing it — without judgment, without blame, without wishing it were different. Don’t plan, anticipate, reason, rationalize, or retaliate; just allow yourself to be. Think you are up for such a treat?

Whatever happens during this day off, simply watch. Start the day by acknowledging and giving thanks for the presence, the power, and the love of God; then allow that Presence to run your universe any way it wants. Let it breathe your breath, beat your heart, walk your walk, and do or not do everything and nothing in the macro and the micro, without your judgments or permission. Desire nothing you do not have already. Put aside all guilt or regret for anything in your past. Along the way, be grateful for breathing and your other body functions, for whatever pleases your eye and ear, for the taste of food and beverages, for the fact that gravity holds your feet to the ground.

It’s all so magnificent,


I choose this day to serve the highest and best within me. This is the great mystery, the Creator, sending out its song through my soul. I am willing to merge myself completely in the flow of divine light and love that I may be an instrument of the pure song of Creation. My heart becomes stronger, my pulse deeper and more rhythmic as it beats in unison to the drum of the One song ~ the Law of One.

I affirm the expanded consciousness of being Self-aware rather than self-centered. As I simply witness the Truth of who I really am I experience the beauty and power of the One love. Easily I renounce willful attitudes. Effortlessly I avoid and release willful behaviors. I surrender the idea of needing to have a positive self-image and replace it with the spiritual truth of infinite perfection. My essence is a divine realization that is Self-aware and Self-confident now and always. I celebrate the God/Goddess role Angela plays in this drama of life.

How beautiful it is to witness the wholeness of God for one day. How blessed I am to prove that this Presence is everywhere I am. I do not have to seek it because at my innermost core, I am already the pure consciousness of creation. This I know, this I AM. And so it is.



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